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For most PVP fans, an action MMO like C9 (Continent of the Ninth) can satisfy them because it owns the unique PVP system - FPS gaming mode. The two FPS modes named "Death Match" and "Relay Match" can bring players more exciting and diversified gaming experiences. That FPS elements are integrated based on the action content sounds creative and freaking awesome.

In "Death Match", two 8-member teams duel with each other. Players can make full use of the buff items available on the battlefield to maximize the possibility of victory. The team that achieves the goal first within the time limit or the one that obtains higher score when the combats ends will be the winner.

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"Relay Match" is also a gaming mode where two 8-member teams fight, and the team which defeats all the 8 opponent members first will be the winner. In a Relay Match, outsiders are allowed to watch.

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