C9 (Continent of the Ninth) FAQ

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Q. Is this game available in English?
A. No. It is only available in Korean. Hangame was planning to make an English version, but don't expect to see that before 2012.

Q. How do you understand everything?
A. Check the Guides section on the forum. We translated a lot of stuff, and there's also a guide in typing Korean (Hangul), so you can translate it yourself.

Q. Is this game free or pay to play?
A. It is free to play.

Q. What classes are there?
A. Right now there are 3 classes. More classes will be available with future updates.
- Fighter: Wields a sword and shield. Has a lot of hp. Attacks from close-by.
- Hunter: Wields a bow and dagger. Can either attack from a distance or close-by.
- Shaman: Wields a staff. Does not have so much hp, but deals a lot of damage. Attacks from a distance or close-by.

Q. Is there party play?
A. Yes. You can have parties of maximum 4 people. Each build does not rely on eachother to survive, but having a good party is a great advantage.

Q. What is Intrusion?
A. When going into a dungeon map, you can allow intrusion. Intrusion is when another person/party invades your dungeon map and tries to kill you. The intruders cannot use resurrection scrolls, but the defending players can. When you intrude someone you will not get a penalty if you kill players.

Q. What server do you guys play on?
A. Most English speaking players play on:

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