Bounty Hounds Online Class

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Shock Trooper

The Shock Trooper is a heavily armoured melee combat class known for his charges at the speed of light. Channelling magneto-optical fields will grant you sources of photonic power and defensive shields. As a Shock Trooper your primary weapon is the greatsword. Your secondary weapon is a heavy machine gun which can tear through your enemies from a distance. On the battlefield, the Shock Trooper is the indispensible offensive force who bravely fights the enemy face to face.

As a "Master of Attack and Defence" in battle the Shock Trooper is able to respond quickly to sudden threats. Troopers possess extraordinary destructive powers and an incredible ability to survive. They are the first units to step forward in order to protect their companions when needed. Dash skills vastly increase the Shock Troopers' mobility, allowing them to become the fastest troops on the battlefield. Abundant support skills make them indispensable members of any team.

Heavy Gunner

The Heavy Gunner is a very powerful ranged combat class known for their vast explosions. As a Heavy Gunner your primary weapon is the bazooka - a deadly threat from a distance. Your secondary weapon is a twin glaive to protect you in close combat. On the battlefield, the Heavy Gunner is one of the most powerful allies blowing up enemies from a distance.

The Heavy Gunner is a "Ranged Battle Specialist" who is able to provide teammates with the greatest fire support. The Gunners possess an enormous firepower and an extremely long range of fire. Distance is their greatest advantage. In battle, they are the first to strike and will quickly gain the upper hand. Heavy Gunners make use of the terrain as if it were their secondary weapon. What they lack in speed and mobility, they make up for with a large-scale restraining force field, which allows them to make full use of their powers and unleash heavy strikes upon their opponents.

Chemical Brawler

The Brawler is the tough tank class in Bounty Hounds Online. Brawlers are capable of dealing with multiple opponents and taking a lot of damage by using their powers of frost and their field control skills. They are equipped with a shotgun and their trademark weapons, the cestus, mechanically enforced fist weapons in the form of claws, drills or other solid tools. On the battlefield, Brawlers are in charge of keeping your enemies in check, and they do so with a vengeance.

Fearless and always in the face of the enemy, the Chemical Brawler is a defender who is always positioned on the frontline. Chemical Brawlers are highly feared "Tanks." With abundant survival and anti-strike skills, there is no challenge Brawlers are unwilling to face. Exceptional defensive skills and concentrated area attacks make this fighter effective even when going solo against a large enemy force, highlighting the Chemical Brawler's vigour and ability to take down large crowds single-handedly.


On the battlefield, the Engineer is a highly acclaimed supporter. Not only do Engineers provide reliable micromachinery, they are also capable of curing fellow mercenaries due to their extraordinary medical education. As an Engineer you can also cause a lot of damage using an accurate crossbow, whereas in close combat you will slice and dice your enemies with sharpened dual blades. The Engineer is an irreplaceable asset for every mission.

The only road to victory is through endless supplies and replenishments. With powerful healing skills and a variety of support methods, Engineers are the unseen heroes of every victory. With recovery powers second to none, they can handle things skilfully even when facing multiple opponents. The type of sustained damage they deal is any opponent's worst nightmare.


Agents are ruthless mercenaries utilising the powers of darkness. Their strength is to dodge incoming attacks and counter their targets with critical hits. As an Agent you can shoot your enemies with a precise sniping rifle and slash them with your circleblades when they are closing in on you. The Agent is a very agile class that fights the enemy with the dark art of war.

The Agent is a deadly killing machine born for battle, a character single-mindedly devoted to slaughter. To watch the Agent is to see battle in its highest form. Formidable combat techniques make them become a nightmare to all their enemies. As the battle rolls on, bodies and the disembodied components of machines are mounting. The Agents' ominous presence seems to signal the end of life itself. Following this lustrous performance, targets take their exit from the grand stage of battle, one by one.

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