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Bless Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Korean leading developer Neowiz Games. Featuring 10 different races, cinematic storytelling, and photo-realistic graphics based on the Unreal Engine 3, Bless Online offers realm vs. realm, PvP, raids, high level missions, and much more.

Open Beta Teaser Trailer

Photo-realistic Graphic

The Unreal Engine 3 gives a solid foundation for Bless Online’s game build, simulation and visualizations. Apart from changing the facial appearance and hairstyle, its Character Customization System allows players to change body style as well. It will leave a good feeling on the vivid characters and the surroundings while entering this fantasy world. It has an open seamless world as the same as highly-anticipated MMORPG Black Desert.



Character Customization

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One of the nice features of Bless Online that players might enjoy is that the playable classes aren't gender locked. However, some classes are only available for certain races.


The Habichts is a pivotal part of Hieron, and is responsible for leading the Hieron’s development. The Sylvan Elves are graceful and elegant elves of the forests, and the true descendants of the ancient kingdom. Lupus looks extremely like wolf who are the quick Hunter in the Forest. Mascu is in small size who travel overseas on their airship and they were hit with a typhoon.

Learn more races information and gameplay video of Berserker, Archer, Paladin, Guardian/Warrior and more>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Veteran movie music composer Hans Zimmer is now working with Bless Online's domestic team for the OST.

Listen to OST of Bless Online at here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Cool Skill System and Quest System

Bless Online offers fantastic armor design for each faction, race, and jobs. And the skill system of Bless Online is not overly complicated so that players don't have to worry about messing up their builds at all. Also its skill system allows you to change your skill loadout anywhere and anytime you want, even if you're inside an instanced dungeon.

There are three types of quests in the game so far, mainstory quests, kill quests, and side quests. Mainstory quests gives a lot of nice equipment and items so it's essential to complete these right away. Side quests also give a decent amount of EXP, but not much items. Kill quests ONLY gives EXP and appears after you discover and kill that type of monster once. Interested players can read the full review here.

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Massive Realm X Realm

In the world of Bless Online stands two warring nations Hieron and Union, and in each nation exists various city states that fight each other. There are demestic wars in both nations while the two nations are in a much greater war due to the disagreement in nation development and value.


200v200 battlefield includes an open world battle and a siege stage. And the other battlefield is an open world battlefield without participant number limit which is a freeform outdoor battlefield with capturable bases.

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PK arena

Bless Online KR has added a special PK arena that permits three players to join the PvPvP. The arena looks hard, largely increasing the difficulty of beat two opponents at the same time. Players need to come up with many effective strategies and use quick, accurate and ruthless skills while combat, or form an alliance.


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There are over 800 different mounts and pets to tame, with some even able to do quests on the player’s behalf! And over 400 kinds of mounts were revealed in Bless Online’s Korean server final test. Besides mounts, Bless Online also features a lot of life contents, such as collection, manufacture, travel companies and more.


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