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  1. Blade & Soul open beta set for 2011

    Posted on Thu Aug 30 12:23:04 2011

    NCsoft made an announcement about Blade & Soul's OBT date at a recent conference. Jae-Sung Lee, NCsoft's director, said "This year top quality MMORPG's will rule the market. Games like TERA, ArchAge and Blade & Soul will stand in the forefront." he then proceeded to talk about Blade & Soul's OBT saying "Blade & Soul will definitely have its OBT this year."...


  2. The 2nd Closed Beta Schedule for Blade & Soul Confirmed

    Posted on Thu Aug 18 04:31:04 2011

    The 2nd Closed Beta Schedule for Blade & Soul Confirmed

    Korea-based NCsoft's highly anticipated project Blade & Soul recently announced that it would conduct its second CBT between August 29 and September 10....

  3. Blade & Soul Korea First Closed Beta Test Schedule

    Posted on Thu Apr 22 00:49:36 2011

    Blade & Soul Korea First Closed Beta Test Schedule

    NCSOFT has announced the Beta Test Schedule of Blade & Soul(KR). Every day, there will be more than 10 hours for testers to play.
    The time schedule is based on KST(GMT +9) from April 27th to May 1st:

  4. Not a Rumor! Blade & Soul(KR) First Closed Beta Schedule Confirmed!

    Known for Lineage, Lineage II, Guild Wars and Aion, NCsoft will usher players to a brand-new game feast with another self-developed blockbuster Blade & Soul, which will rise to the surface and perform its first CBT from April 27th to May 1st for 5 days....

  5. Rumor? Blade & Soul to Kick off First Closed Beta on April 27th

    According to a post on, the first closed beta test for Blade & Soul could potentially start as early as April 27th. Can it come true? As a fan of Blade & Soul, I hope it will be a confirmed date, which means my long waiting will end and next step I need to upgrade my PC....

  6. [Part 1]NCsoft: 60%-finished Blade & Soul to Launch OBT in Taiwan Next Summer

    With the release date of Blade & Soul coming closer, Korea-based NCsoft reached Taiwan again to keep abreast of local customs. The company also took a Taiwanese medium's interview, and disclosed to the eagerly-waiting players Blade & Soul's current development status as well as its Taiwanese version's release schedule....

  7. Will Blade & Soul and ArcheAge Come out on November 11, 2011?

    At the beginning of this year, the number "111111" was chosen as the "Golden ID No." through several South Korean SNS sites like Facebook and Twitter, which made many Korean couples plan to have a baby according to this special number, like on Nov. 11, 2011 (20111111). Meanwhile, Korean media began to talk about domestic games relating to the number "1"....

  8. NCsoft: Blade & Soul Closed Beta, Open Beta Schedule Announced!

    The long wait is finally over. NCSoft is set to launch their CBT of Blade & Soul around the end of April. OBT is scheduled to happen around August to October. NCSoft is hoping the announcement of the CBT for Blade & Soul will pull some attention away from its rival, TERA....

  9. NCsoft Insider: Blade & Soul to Enter Open Beta Stage in 2011

    Director Lee Jae Seong from Korea-based NCsoft made a speech at the recent "2011 Global Game Market Outlook Seminar", and disclosed that Blade & Soul would launch its OBT this year....

  10. NCsoft: Blade & Soul Postponed to 2012!

    Posted on Fri Nov 05 02:17:17 2010

    NCsoft: Blade & Soul Postponed to 2012!

    Korea-based NCsoft announced financial results for the third quarter on November 4th when its CFO Jaeho Lee indicated that Blade & Soul would launch its first test in 2012. The exact date will be determined based on the trial reports of G-star 2010 players. Furthermore, he said that when the developers have 100% confidence in the game, they will launch CBT or OBT immediately....


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