Blade and Soul Race - LYN

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This little and dainty race features big ears, tails and lovely looks. Indeed, their folks possess many kinds of ears and tails. At this moment, only the fox model and the leopard cat model have been made public.

LYN - Race

This race is born with five senses more sensitive than others, thus a stronger ability to survive than any other race. Embodied the ability of the legendary creature, the Kylin, the Lyn folks are able to communicate with the realm of the dead, as well as look through many secrets and mysteries hidden from ordinary human eyes. However, this ability is usually mistaken by the public as an evil omen, which in turn creates and spreads many evil tidings against the Lyn folks. The Lyns are gentle and disciplined in general, however, they sometimes play mischievous tricks. They mean no evil in such mischief. It is only a cultural norm brought by their unique connection with the realm of the dead. Acting as a bridge across life and death, the Lyns are focusing on the development of their abilities to bring peace upon the living and the dead alike.

LYN - Race


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