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The Kun people, endowed with the force of phoenix, wear a look of the fairy ladies who descend from the Heaven. They possess unparallel grace and beauty. They are said to represent an ideal image admired by all male beings. Their beauty is rare to see in this world.

KUN - Race

There is no male among the Kun people. This is an exclusively female race. Due to their beauty and grace, they are usually mistaken as goddesses or fairy ladies descending from the Heaven. The name of Kun, which stands for the sky, also derives from the fact that they look like errands from the Heaven. The start and birth of this race have always been a myth since the old days. They prefer the contact with nature to any worldly pursuit. They place a tremendous emphasis on order and balance, and entertain themselves with music and poetry in hidden mountains and rivers. In order to pacify this chaotic world, the Kun people are undertaking negotiation with many sides to restore honesty and order.

KUN - Race


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