Blade and Soul Race - GON

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Gon, a race born out of the dragon's breath

Any male player shall play a Gon character. This saying seems to have dominated most male players. No doubt, the Gon people, an emblem of strength, will impress everyone with their power and valiance. In contrast to the players' guess, this gigantic race has both male and female genders.

GON - Race

The female Gons are distinguished from the women of other races by their extraordinary height and sexy muscle. In comparison with any other race, they are more inclined to bold action and destruction, thus much feared by the ordinary people. Although they are usually wronged for their tough looks, their hospitality and selflessness are not inferior to others.

GON - Race

The Gon, representing the spirit of the earth, proves to be more trustworthy and reliable in company. However, their simple but stubborn character may be used by evil forces. They might turn out the most horrible beings if made enemy. As ancient tales have it, this race was born out of the dragon's breath, henceforth carrying the curse put on the dragons by the gods. Now, the Gon people have taken this curse as their fate. They wander in the human world and help others deal with various difficulties, as if to atone for their sin.

GON - Race


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