Blade and Soul Class: Force Master

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Blade Master Kung-Fu Master Force Master Destroyer Assassin

Force Master

Force Masters unite Qi and Gong perfectly and have a good command of the mystery between theme and the great power hidden in qigong.


Qigong Wave: Condenses air nearby and casts it to the enemy to cause massive damage.
Darkness Bondage: Binds the enemy with the dark force in qigong recipes to disable the enemy from any action and shove it to the ground

Earthshaking Wave: Congregates much more air than Qigong Wave to form a huge sphere wave and throw it to the enemy to cause deadly damage.

Multilayer Wave: Congregates air nearby and causes continuous long-range damage to the enemy.


Force Master Force Master Force Master

Gameplay Video

KungFu Master Skills & Combo [Gstar 2010]

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