Blade and Soul Class: Kung-Fu Master

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Blade Master Kung-Fu Master Force Master Destroyer Assassin

Kung-Fu Master

To some extent, Kung-Fu Masters are a symbol of strength as they have iron arms and legs and have reached the highest level in physical power.


Yin-yang Combo: After a period of common attacks with fists, Yin-yang seal will be activated and deals much more damage than common fist attack.

Somersault: Interrupts all attacks from the enemy and knocks the enemy down.

Deadly Strike: A subsequent skill of Somersault that causes continuous deadly strikes to the enemy.

Iron-sand Palm: Punches the enemy with both fists, causing some damage and pushes over the enemy to a certain distance.

Flying Feet: A subsequent skill of Iron-sand Palm that causes an extra fatal blow to the enemy on the ground.

Iron Feet: Causes an extremely fatal blow to the enemy on the ground.


kung-fu master kung-fu master kung-fu master

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Force Master Skills & Combo [GSTAR 2010]

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