Black Desert Classes Introduction

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Warrior Ranger Giant Sorcerer Tamer Wizard Valkyre Blader


The Warrior is holding a sword and a shield. His heavy armor helps him to survive on the battlefield. He's a melee fighter and deals a lot of damage but he can also tank everything in his way with his shield. In spite of the fact that he is wearing heavy gear he's still very fast and flexible.

Black Desert Class - Warrior



Rangers are associated with the wisdom of nature. Rangers tend to be wise, cunning, and perceptive in addition to being skilled archers. Rangers are very flexible, fast and durable because of their medium armor. They're range specialists with good eyes and a very high hit ratio.

Black Desert Class - Ranger



The Giant is using two axes to defeat his enemys. He can transform himself into a wolf to increase his damage and speed.

Black Desert Class - Giant



The Sorcerer is a dangerouse damage dealer with range and melee attacks. Her weapon is a talisman which grants her unlimited magical power.

Black Desert Class - Sorcerer


The info of the 4 classes below hasn't been officially revealed, we can just take a glimpse of them first.


Tamer can use their faithful pets as allies in battle. Instead of the regular mounts they can also ride on the backs of their companion's.

Black Desert Class - Tamer



The Wizard is a powerful range caster with AoE and Crowd Control abilities. His Weapon is a staff and he's wearing a light armor.

Black Desert Class - Wizard



The Valkyre is holding a sword and a shield. Shes similiar to the Warrior, but still has some unique abilities

Black Desert Class - Valkyre



No information yet.

Black Desert Class - Blader

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