Black Desert Dark Knight Skills, Gameplay and Character Creation

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Before the thirteenth character Dark Knight of Black Desert Online is playable in Korean server on December 15, Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss released several teaser trailers for players to preview the character customization and gameplay.


This plate-armored class wields a two-handed sword and seems to revolve around dark magic combined with melee combat. She should be coming to Western server in early 2017.

Gameplay Video

Character Creation




Repeated Extermination - a high damage skill that attacks enemies with "a maximum of four consecutive shots." Depending on the direction of the attack, the ability can be "accompanied by black energy," which is said to give it a "wonderful appearance."


Fallen Earth - an area of effect skill that allows the Dark Knight to absorb an element and smash it down on the ground, damaging nearby enemies.


Destiny's Wheel - an area of effect skill that is "optimized to defeat enemies around you" by breaking them down. The Google Translated version of this skill's description is somewhat unclear.


Arrogant Command - a skill that leaves a mark on an enemy. If you use the ability again on an enemy that has been marked, they "will suffer a large explosion."





Source: official website, mmos

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