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Ashen Empires is a pay to play mmorpg (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). The game is split into servers, PVP (player vs. player) and NPVP (non-players vs. players).

Ashen Empires is free to play up to level 10 on Valinor Island. Valinor Island allows players to sample all skills and professions up to skill level 15. There are hundreds of quests to complete along the way. To leave the island players must be an Ashen Empires subscriber ($8.95 a month).

The game lets the player choose one of three races to play -- human, night elf, or orc. After they choose their character, they are free to become whatever they want. Though there are no fixed classes there are many skills and trades on which a character can focus.

They can also:

•Do various side-quests
•Make friends/allies and chat, hunt, do quests together
• Make enemies/rivals and kill each other and loot
• Go solo and hunt by theirself
• Choose to be divine (they don't kill other players or loot)
• Choose to be evil (they kill others players and loot)
• Have a reputation (as a person) of either being good or bad
• Train in various trade skills that will help later
• Trade items with other players

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