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Army Rage Overview

Army Rage is the newest MMOFPS game based on World War II.

As a military game, Army Rage includes exciting content which hasn't been experienced much in other FPS games, such as: use of some authentic WWII powerful weapons (i.e. rocket-launcher in longer-distance battles, flamethrower in close combats); artillery support; constructing a heavy machine gun and even driving tanks freely on the battlefield. Players will encounter the heaviest firepower ever seen in games of this class.

Army Rage Trailer

The game achieves an impressive team work as the players have the opportunity to choose one of the two rival sides - Allies and Axis, team up in 6 separate teams of 4 people each and set their class - Assault (equips powerful grenades and assault rifles), Scout (skilled sniper), Support (equips anti-tank rifles and flamethrowers, uses machine guns and drops medical kits to revive other players) and Engineer (uses submachine guns and rocket launchers, has the unique ability to build stationery heavy machine guns).

There could be up to 24 players competing with each other or united in teams in one room. The players can create as many rooms as they like with different maps, missions and game modes in order to achieve a more dynamic game play.

About Army Rage CBT

Army Rage's beta officially started 15th December 2011, publisher Yacuba Games announces. The closed beta is planned to end in February 2012, until then players will be able to experience all available options for free and receive many gifts and surprises.

Army Rage's current main goal is becoming realistic as a game play experience and very dynamic in terms of team play- the players here have the chance to make cooperation teams of all the 4 soldier classes, choose different game modes, such as:

- "Capture the flag" where the two sides of 12 players each in every separate game room fight to capture and defend their flag;

- "Team Deathmatch" - which is a game of shooting as many rival players as you can and achieve a team goal;

- "Rush" - the two rival sides - Allies and Axis charge and detonate or, respectively, defend keypoints in several rounds;

- And their variations - King of the Hill and Special Team Deathmatch where players can capture different flags in a certain order and choose different weapon modes (knives, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, tanks, etc.).

It's really up to the players to make their game interesting and fun. The game can run on systems with relatively low characteristics, such as a 256MB video memory. Players can adjust their graphical settings anytime in order to achieve a better performance.

The game is completely free during CBT, This means no payments, no complications - you just have to register, download and install in order to start having fun.

Army Rage is available as a direct download at MMOSITE.

Some other details you may like to know: CBT Guide, Soldier Classes.

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