Three Stages of Control in ArcheAge

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PvP Control System

After playing Archeage and experiencing the pvp system, some players discussed the Control System and divided it into three stages.

Primary Stage Control

Based on the real-time attack, players can change attack direction and the distance between enemies in combat system, and it's able to auto-attack freely. Using traditinal 3D control mode, the target-lock system of Archeage is similar to WoW, but better. This kind of control is easy to learn, but hard to master.

Primary Stage Control support jumping, running, chopping etc. actions, excellent engine makes perfect effect, and makes attack become smooth and vivid. The unique gameplay elements such as planting, also arouse many players' interest, Archeage players can climb rocks and trees, pick fruits, cut down trees, and let the enemies fall down from trees, these add a lot of fun as well.


Middle Stage Control

The most attractive part of Middle Stage Control is the unique content such as house/ship building and sailing. Players need to buy house building toolbox to build houses. About ship building, players can build warships and invite friends to go to sea or join naval battles freely.

Steersman is able to look at things holistically because of overhead view and decide the destination, meanwhile sailor can increase or decrease ship speed. The cooperation between steersman and sailor decides ship's sailing direction and flexibility.


Advanced Stage Control

The advanced stage control is something about special skills and teamwork. Every action is very important for combat system, it requires players to use different skill sets in different situations, if use properly, not only PvP will be easier, but also other types of battles. It's better to use skill sets than single skill although it might be easy to use or very powerful. Since Archeage has naval battles, the stimulating wars will bring more anticipated content.


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