The Third Force in ArcheAge - Pirate

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About Pirates:

  • To become a pirate, you must fill 3k total karma. You decide on how to collect that amount of karma (stealing, killing, PK...)
  • By being a Pirate, you can create an Expedition Force of pirates.
  • By not being a Pirate, then you can't take the Pirate party, in other matters as well as he can not take the Pirates. (not sure if he means party or expedition force)
  • Pirate with impunity to kill all the factions.
  • Pirate can kill all with impunity. Blood remains.
  • NOT pirate steal with impunity. Traces remain.
  • Pirates can't talk to NPC's on the southern continents.
  • Pirates agryatsya Guard all in the South. (cant find out what this means)
  • All NPC on the Pirate Island are friendly to a Pirate.
  • There are quests for Pirates on the Pirate Island.
  • Pirates can get a one hour lasting +1% damage buff on the Pirate Island.

Once you become a pirate, you will be removed forcibly from the Expedition Force that you joined, but it's not a big deal, as mentioned, a pirate can create a Expedition Force.

However, pirates can't occupy lands. And as a public enemy, no matter where you are, there are people trying to chase and kill you. You even can't level up easily, so don't be a pirate until you are strong enough.

If you just want to experience pirates' life for a time, it's possible for you to become a common citizen, as long as you complete special quests and make crime karma to zero. Players can accept the quests from Instructor NPC at western and eastern jails.

Since pirates have no land, and will be chased and killed everywhere, there still is a safe haven for them, that's Pirate Island, the NPCs in this island are friendly to pirates, there are quests for pirates too, please visit here for the details of the island.

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