Arche Age Sea Battle System

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Sea Battle System


Sea Battle System

ArcheAge,the world's first third-gen online game has put an end to its third CBT, A survey conducted by XL Games following the third CBT shows that the sea battle system is one of most highly anticipated systems.

Why the Sea Battle System Was Introduced into ArcheAge

Sea Battle System

Sea battles are closely bound up with the gaming world which is separated into three continents. The sea transport serves as an important means for players to travel to the wild continent and deliver materials required for castle building, and is thus aspired to by various forces. Players need to transport materials from the new continent to the wild one so as to build their own castles there, and sea transport is regarded as the best choice.

Build a Ship, with Your Own Hands

Build a Ship

Before sailing, players have to build ships with the aid of the in-game crafting system. Ship building only requires the design sketch, cast iron, logs, cloth and some other materials, which can be collected, purchased from NPCs, or gained by killing monsters. Excepting gaining from killing monsters, certain labor points will be consumed. In addition, building a ship will need another 200-300 labor points, so players have to join forces with friends or employ others in order to build a ship.

Sail with Friends

Sail with Friends

After ships are built, players can invite friends to sail together. In ArcheAge, a ship can take 5 people at least and over 40 at most, and the ship owner can even invite relatives and friends to join grand parties held on the deck.

Experience Adventures at Sea

Adventures at Sea

Things change all the time at sea in the company of possible pirates,and huge sea monsters with amazingly great attack power will even emerge as part of the late-stage game content. So, sea battles are unavoidable! If offended or threatened by other ships, players can launch sea battles right away and fire at the opponents, or even try to approach and board the hostile ships to fight head on. Sounds very interesting, right? By the way, no restrictions are set on PvP combats in the sea. If a castle lies on the coast, ships can also join conducted sieges.

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