Detailed Introduction of ArcheAge Races - Nuian

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Nuian Hariharan Elf Ferre
From Western Continent (Nuian Continent)

Nuiantsy Noyi selflessly serve the goddess. This is evident in all areas. Nuiantsy fascinated indescribable beauty of nature and at the same time masterfully built fortified cities, to develop and distribute their cultural achievements.
They are majestic, it is inherent innate nobility. Stern faces nuiantsev male exudes confidence and strength, and in the high restraint women of this nation, bordering on coldness, coupled with the attraction.

Racial Mission

Considering themselves followers of the goddess of the underworld, nuiantsy took the sacred mission. They are confident that Noyi continues to bless the whole world. This unwavering and unconditional loyalty to the covenant of the goddess passed down from generation to generation. So fearless nuiantsy to stay next to the gates of the underworld, waging an endless war with the devil incarnate.


Racial Background

Nuiantsy always live, not forgetting about the interests of race, gods and their mission. They hold in their hearts the image of the goddess of the underworld, but their feelings are not like the religious feelings of other mortals - it's more like the love child to his mother, faithful and full of tenderness.

Like plants that fell on fertile ground and, having strong roots, hard for her keep, nuiantsy value their home. After the Great Migration, they were in a new environment - interracial conflict erupted. People remembered the past, to be discussed plans for construction and development, hoping for a better future.

Unlike the human Kingdom Crescent nuiantsy create a more democratic electoral system. To become king, the people's love is not enough. Still need to be tested in a maze, which is under the capital. Also, the new system eliminated the struggle for power. Because of this Kingdom Crescent could save power for conquering the entire continent Noyi. At a peaceful and prosperous country with a strong ruler has created favorable conditions for the flourishing of culture. Nuiantsy provide economic and cultural impact on the entire world. Shining like a diamond nuianskaya civilization illuminates the world.

Nuiantsam is haunted by terrible memories - the war against the demons. Demonic army was invincible. Crescent kingdom ravaged brutal hordes, and there was no place for people to hide, since all building burned to the ground. Plundered the country, the demons were scattered around the world, leaving the devilish seed in the flaming ruins of the city. This fact gives a lot of trouble then the rulers of the Kingdom of Crescent.

Under the leadership of Queen nuiantsy not forget their purpose - not to retreat before the forces of evil. This warrior, keeping the covenant of the goddess of the underworld to defense from evil forces. Loving nature nuiantsy will sail in search of new lands far from the continent, opening a new chapter in the glorious history of a great civilization.


Racial Birthplace (Beginner Zone ) - Village Balachi

The village is situated on a peninsula Balachi Svozirid. The slope of the hill can be seen Yini island, which overlooks the lake with crystal clear water from underground sources. Quiet and tranquil village is arranged according to the new customs Kingdom Crescent. Simple-hearted people, and worship of the goddess Noyi - in that environment begins the story of the adventures nuiantsev


Nuian Hariharan Elf Ferre

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