Detailed Introduction of ArcheAge Races - Hariharan

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Nuian Hariharan Elf Ferre
From Eastern Continent (Hariharan Continent)

They wheat-golden skin, so they are proud to call themselves "people of the sun." Since time immemorial, their flag have crossed swords in the bright sun. Hariharantsy want to conquer the eastern continent, but do not forget that they have to take revenge on his enemies. After the eclipse terrible war broke out. They moved across the ocean to the eastern continent, where once lived the ancient gods. Difficult natural conditions do not suppress their enthusiasm. Gradually, the wild lands grew prosperous empire. Over the centuries hariharantsy purposefully try to return the sunlight on frozen continent.

Racial Mission

Spurred by the expansion of the passion for wealth and achievements in the blood hariharantsev. After moving to the eastern continent, they were able to quench their thirst for conquest of new lands. North attracts power and treasure hidden by the sea mist. That they will bring the ancient treasures? What challenges hariharantsam will face in the future?


Racial Background

Called the daughter of the goddess, led his troops to the southern lands, it was predicted that the total solar eclipse will occur and the light goes out. This destroyed the last hope of the inhabitants of Salem.

After the war actually happened eclipse. Members of the royal family fled Salem to the eastern continent, hoping to return to its former greatness. The new governor called this desert land Harihara and founded a state Hariharudik. After moving, the people of the sun began to call themselves hariharantsami.

Hariharantsy love to build and win. So they can easily and quickly conquered the kingdom of the indigenous population.Rapidly developing, the empire has created conditions for the emergence of Mechanics and magical civilization. Hariharantsy became fabulously rich.

But prosperity was an illusion. The struggle for the throne of the mighty empire grew into a twenty-year civil war. In the end, Hariharudik split into four states. Former power dissipated like smoke. Due to its geographical location and favorable natural conditions, the western kingdom would be one of the most powerful and rich countries.

Not only internecine conflicts threaten peace in hariharanskih lands. Old continent was covered with ice and cracked. Nuiantsy try to beat hariharanskih navigators in the exploration of new routes, which offer great benefit. Will the long trips across the North Sea to the discovery of new lands? It all depends on whether hariharantsam their travels accompany the bright sun.


Racial Birthplace (Beginner Zone ) - Village Hatura

Basically, hariharantsy live in small villages, built centuries ago. They are grown for generations. Here, children are born and grow up, only to seek their goals and follow their dreams, a worthy man of the sun. Hatura city like a pearl in the desert, seeing sunrise at dawn, when the bright disk of the sun rises from the dunes. Caravans always come to this center of trade with its busy streets, finding refuge here from the desert heat and a place to sleep. They looked forward to the next birthday of the sun.


Nuian Hariharan Elf Ferre

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