Detailed Introduction of ArcheAge Races - Ferre

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Nuian Hariharan Elf Ferre
From Eastern Continent (Hariharan Continent)

Ferret are descendants Fengshena (Aeolus). Their tribe is based on blood relationship, as they constantly roam the prairies.Ferre-men strong and sturdy build. Prominent nose and cheekbones make them fierce face like tiger muzzle. In women, almond-shaped eyes, neat ears and a tail. They are a shining example of the natural wild beauty. Ferriytsy most often used as a weapon, daggers and bows, as well as deftly jumping and climbing. Throughout their nomadic way of life on the prairies Ferre accompany snow lions.

Racial Mission

Ancient race Ferre is the epitome of the prairie wind. The tribe has survived countless trials and suffering. Ferre eagerly awaiting the appearance of a brave young warrior who will lead them to Fengshenovoy (Aeolian) tower Yang to regain the name of the "Scourge of God." They are trying to revive the lost nomadic culture and return to the spacious meadows.


Racial Background

When hunting in the prairie, the soldiers are Ferre onions, white lions, like the wind, chase game.

Yellowed pages of manuscripts left only in the memories of Ferret. Many of these long-forgotten traditions of the tribe.Struggling for survival, Ferre and took risks, he found himself in the desert, to hire the service of the people of other races.

Ferre constantly moved around the continent. They are not only the nomadic civilization of a thousand years of history, but also the reputation of brilliant conquest. Ferrer fought with other races and almost always won a glorious victory. Legion commanded Ayfu Lindadzhuna earned big name "Scourge of God."

Although children prairie proud and brave, their fate is very sad. Ferry, who led a nomadic life, had to leave the steppe due to adverse climatic conditions. The once mighty empire Timi mired in the depths of internal strife and war, and then completely fell apart after the massacre of the royal family.

It seems that the gods turned against Ferrer, dooming them by a long way, sprinkled with blood and tears. They were scattered around the world, not knowing where their house. Settle whether Ferrer somewhere like the other races, or will continue to roam?

Fortunately, Sokolinoe plateau lives ferriytsev tribe that had not forgotten a free spirit prairie. They follow the ancient tradition of self-improvement through continuous training, allowing hone skill. These ferriytsy still tame fast, like a prairie wind, white lions that accompany their life. Protecting Fengshenovu tower Yang, they are probably the last hope ferriyskogo tribe.


Racial Birthplace (Beginner Zone ) - Wind Tribe

The territory of the tribe of the wind, who lives in the northern part of the Hawkeye plateau, is the spiritual home of ferriytsev.There is a circular felt yurts with a wooden frame, among the grasses dominate pitted ritual stone pillars, and run around the beautiful wild white lions.
Since the tribe is the most famous, it is natural that it contains a rite of initiation. Need to decorate the stone pillars bones bull. Every young ferriets must prove that he is a great hunter. Then he will get the recognition of the tribe and become a full warrior.


Nuian Hariharan Elf Ferre

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