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Nuian Hariharan Elf Ferre
From Western Continent (Nuian Continent)

Elves are known to all other races because of the fabulous beauty, mystery and outstanding achievements in the study of magic. They are the descendants of a long line of noble Ifuna, which belonged to powerful magicians. This race could enter only one who possessed extraordinary powers. Unique memory to store knowledge of the events that are taking place all over the world, so the elves can remember a piece of the huge flow of time. Mourning the death of their king, they leave the forest to break the ice that covered the old continent.

Racial Mission

King's death and the opening of the gates of the underworld most clearly etched in the memory of the elves. As they saw for the royal blood stains on the ground for thousands of years elves obsessed with revenge. They live long enough to plan everything properly. They know that the king killed the god of war. When the continent was split, the elves went to the north, singing songs about revenge.


Racial Background

Code old continent began to break down, mourners elves hit the road, playing dirge. Led by the goddess of the underworld Noyi, they made ​​their way through the gates of hell in the New World.

But no one, even they did not expect that, during the Great Migration of the elves lost their impartiality and become violent.The royal court during the passage through the gates of the underworld gone, disappeared into the depths of the place.Memories of King's life turned into crystals, which flew through the underground kingdom. Passing through this world, the elves of the collected particles to his memory had become for the whole race a sad reminder of the history of their ruler.

After the Great Migration of the elves quickly got out of the original alliance to settle deep in the dense forests. Since then, people find their terrible as much as mysterious. Elves are not afraid to let a mysterious force noxious breath of the forest.Gradually, they become alienated, scaring the other races and the sides of their societies.

To the west and east people day after day struggling to recover their former power states, and then began to create a new history. But all this is of little interest to take refuge from the world of hermits. They do not like human vanity and desire as soon as possible to restore civilization in its present form. While world events still imprinted in their minds, however, the elves live in the past, wanting to be saved among the ashes of history.


Racial Birthplace (Beginner Zone ) - Camp Harfa

Many years ago in honor of the great masters of the elven ancestors cut down from the rock great harp and made ​​sure that her beautiful music did not stop. Over the years, weathered rock, and beautiful sculpture has changed beyond recognition.Then this place was called Songbirds hills on which the camp Harfa. The new generation does not understand the high elves, who sadly are looking at an old broken statue. Only occasionally by the touch of the wind that stirs the leaves sound magic melodies, telling of his native land.


Nuian Hariharan Elf Ferre


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