Pirate Island - Pirate's Safe Haven

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No matter you are a pirate, a thief or a killer, Pirate Island is a good place for evil. But if you are a good person, you still can set sail and take a closer look at it.


It's at the west of origin continent, north of western continent. The NPCs in the island are available to be attacked. However you need to take care of your ship when it lies on the shore, the NPCs will attack your ship, 40-metre is a safe distance.

The Pirate's Island location on the World-map (red circle):

A closer look:

When approaching the island the buildings located on it becomes visible:

A closer look at the areas/buildings:

As a normal player, you should:

Wear the oxygen device and dive into water, there are many barrels underwater (there are many barrels on the left side of the island as well), you can obtain pirate clothes, furniture, toys etc after breaking the barrels. And you also can collect pearls underwater. All of the items can be sold for good money.

If you are killed by NPC or pirates, you will be put into pirate jail, but just take it easy, climb up on the vines and pull the skeleton or press F, a door will open.

Take a look at the jail:

The Areas of Pirate Island

The pirates are around the island:

Residential Area

You can build a house, but the housing spots are very limited on the island:

Pirates Camp

A village consisting of outlaw forces (pirates) and allies (NPC). Here are the NPC merchants and the mailbox:

Teleport point is being automatically recorded when you become a pirate (this recall point is only available for pirates):

Crafting equipment (can be used):

Pirate Tower

Pirate Tower is located at the center of the island. Inside of the tower looks like a pub:

Funny dancing pirates, guard the entrance is a level 50 elite.

Have a look at Pirate Tower:


Pirate ship with a raid boss on it:

Reference: ArcheAgeSource

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