ArcheAge Jan. 16th Commercial Launch - Update Notes

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KR ArcheAge will be commercially launched on Jan, 16th. The monthly fee is 19,800 KRW.

With the commercial launch starts, some new content is going to be added to the game.

- 9 new regions will be added to Eastern Continent, Western Continent, Origin Continent and it will release new instanced dungeons.

- Level cap will be increased to 50.


New Regions of Origin Continent

Origin Continent will add 4 regions. Every region has a Guardian Tower which is able to deplete Origin Continent's magic. The expedition team which activate the region will obtain the ownership of it. In order to get the ownership, fierce fighting break out between Origin Continent expedition teams.

* The regions are waiting for its owner.
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After obtaining the ownership, they can ask people who live in the city to pay a tax. Meanwhile, for protecting Guardian Tower, they should pull together and build a giant wall. The stronger the wall is, the more advantages it will have in Siege Warfares. Those expedition teams which don't get the ownership will recruit more players and plan to attack the city next time.

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Resource and Heritage

Origin Continent has some resources and heritage like mineral water (it's used for watering trees, and the trees can be used to make siege chariots), fired trees (it can be used to make tractor and advanced aircraft when blend with mineral water), antique (it can be sold to NPC) etc.

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Since the war between Gods and Heroes ended, there are some creatures haven't died, they have strange appearance and strong physical strength, only the players who are above level 40 are able to deal with the monsters.

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New Regions of Eastern & Western Continent

Eastern and Western Continent will open 5 new regions for level 40 to level 50 players. Players can look forward to new monsters and trophies. The specialty of each new regions has been added too.

Nuia Continent (Western Continent) Harihara Continent (Eastern Continent)

- Loka

Location: Harihara Continent
Level: 40 - 42
Climate: Temperate Climate


- Steppe

Location: Harihara Continent
Level: 42 - 44
Climate: Arid Climate


- Harihara's Ruins

Location: Harihara Continent
Level: 44 - 46
Climate: Tropical Climate


- Hasla

Location: Harihara Continent
Level: 46 - 48
Climate: Temperate Climate


- Carcass

Location: Nuia Continent
Level: 48 - 50
Climate: Cold Climate


Two New Instanced Dungeons

The two dungeons are for level 40 above players. There are not only new bosses in dungeons, but also random traps and corresponding trophies.


- Cradle of Destruction

Location: Harihara Continent
Level: 45 - 50, 5 people


- Howling Abyss

Location: Nuia Continent
Level: 45 - 50, 5 people

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