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Although western publisher of ArcheAge has been confirmed, the release or test date hasn't been announced yet, it seems we still need to wait for a very long time. On the other hand, Tencent, ArcheAge's China publisher started preparing the first test of ArcheAge since last year, and it will come in this May. Recently, a new brand-new teaser site for ArcheAge is released, it's one of the steps for the upcoming test, players will be able to apply for test qualification in May before the test starts.

The most important reason why I pay attention to Chinese version is there is no IP block. So if you also want to give the Chinese version a shot, let's know some basic interface info of the game that I found in Chinese official site.


1. Character's Status
2. Summoned Beast's Status
3. Selected Target's Status
4. Target of Selected Target's Status
We can see the info like nickname, class, level, HP, AP, Buff/Debuff etc. It's able to trade, recruit team members by right clicking the status bars.


Usually Party Bar shows teammates' HP, AP, Strengthening/Weakening info. It shows 4 teammates' info at most. Team leader has crown mark in party window.

Team Status

This status bar is showed when a team become an attack team. Press Ctrl+R to turn it on/off. It will show 50 players' info at most.

Mini Map

We can click the setting button that next to clock to turn on or off, change map's size, choose display content and adjust map's transparency. When map becomes transparent, it will show current map's main roads and strongholds, to check strongholds' detailed info by pressing Shift and moving Mouse to the map.

Shortcut Bar

1. Character Skill Bar
We can put skill or items to the skill bar. And we can choose where to put Skill Window (Shortcut Key: K) and Backpack Window (Shortcut Key: I). Unusable skills' icon will become gray.
2. Summoned Beast's Skill Bar
This bar only shows when a beast is summoned. The bars can be put anywhere.


All accepted quests are showed in the window, race quest is on the top of the list, the icon in front of the quest name tells you whether the quest is completed or not, and quest's color tells the difficulty degree of the quest.
Different Types of Quests in ArcheAge


This window is showed automatically when we are close to something that are able to interact with. Shortcut Keys: F/G/H/J.

In-game Time

Four hours in reality stands for a day in ArcheAge. With time changes, a lot of things change too.

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