ArcheAge - How To Make Money by Life Skills?

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How to make money by life skills?

If you have no idea about how to make money in ArcheAge, here I recommend a way: Manufacture.

In ArcheAge, Manufacture is as important as PvP or Leveling Up, players can make all kinds of weapons, armors, foods, potions, chariot, glider etc. via Manufacture Platforms in villages and cities. If you want to get the best weapon and armor, you can't count it on the drop from monsters, it's much better to gather materials and try to make it by yourself.

How to make items?

It's the same as other games: gather materials --> find Manufacture Platform and choose an item you want to make --> consume Labor Force points and get the item.
Of course all of these are based on the Life Skill System.
Notice: High level items such as weapons only are available to make when reach a certain level of proficiency.

Proficiency Level

Open Manufacture Dictionary (Shortcut: Button O) to view all kinds of info about Manufacture. Open Technique Bar (Shortcut: Button K) to check your proficiency level. It's divided into 4 levels:
Trainee: Available to make items of 5 types of craftsmanship
Proficient: Available to make items of 4 types of craftsmanship
Expert: Available to make items of 3 types of craftsmanship
Craftsman: Available to make items of 2 types of craftsmanship

So you'd better to decide what kind of craftsman you want to be at the beginning then focus on making corresponding items and improve its proficiency level.


Next, let us check out what kinds of items we can make for selling.

1. High costs, but higher profits - Equipment

If you want to make an equipment, you have to gather necessary materials. Sometimes you can't get a material directly but need to gather lower-level materials to compound it. For example, for making a level 40, type B material or a level 50, type C material, you need to make a level 30, type A material first, then use it as material to make level 40, type B material, so does level 50, type C material, it needs level 40, type B materials as material. Most of equipments' basic materials are level 10 material, we need to continue to compound them until level 40 or 50.

So it's more difficult to make a superior equipment than other items, however, therefore we can get lots of profits from it, especially when the weapon or armor's quality and attribute are much better than those dropped from dungeons or gained from quest rewards.

In the other hand, if you don't want to trade but just for your own use, once you make a level 10 equipment, you can continuously upgrade the equipment to level 20, 30 or more with your character level, it's still cost-effective.

Type Equipment
Weapon Short Sword, One-handed Sword, One-handed Spear, One-handed Axe, Shield, Two-handed Sword, Two-handed Axe, Two-handed Spear etc.
Carpentry One-handed Staff, Two-handed Staff, Bow
Handicraft String Instrument, Wind Instrument, Necklace, Ring, Earring
Metalwork Metal Armor
Fur-processing Leather Armor
Tailoring Cloth Armor

2. Continuous production, making a steady profit - Potions and Foods

The consumable items such as HP/MP potions are necessary for everyone in MMORPGs, and most of the materials of making potions and foods with buffs in ArcheAge all are easy to get by gathering, which is easier than making equipments. So you can make money easily and steadily by this way.

And there is an item called Moonstone, it can improve equipment's additional attributes, it will be in demand in the latter period when players want to get good equipments.

Type Items
Cuisine Foods and Drinks with buff
Alchemy Healing Potion, Revival Potion, Defense Potion, Magic Resistance Potion, Meditation Potion, Moonstone

3. Choose the right time, in line with market demand - Furniture

This is for the players who like house decoration. Because usually making equipment or potions are players' first choice, it's a big competition, so maybe you can pay attention to this small market and seize the chance.

At the beginning, you will not get return so soon, but once a lot of players start to build and decorate houses, it's your turn to make a fortune.

Type Items
Carpentry Cabinet, Bed, Chair, Desk, Decorations
Handicraft Lighting, Boxes, Ornament

4. For specialty trade - Gathering and Lumbering

Although they are not Manufacture Skills, Gathering and Lumbering are recommended to players who often trade specialties. Because most of specialty's special materials can be obtained by gathering and lumbering. And with the increase of proficiency level, players have more chance to get special materials while gathering and lumbering.

5. Cottage industry - Second stage materials

If your proficiency level isn't high enough to make some items, you can make second stage materials. They are direct materials for making items. Why they are in demand? It's because the limit of Labor Force points, we know that we need to consume labor force points when we make anything, even just compound materials. So in order to save Labor Force points, some players will choose to buy materials.

Besides the fuel of Alchemy, making other materials doesn't need the requirement of proficiency level, so in one hand, you can make money by making second stage materials, on the other hand, you can improve the proficiency level of the Manufacture Skill (Life Skill) that you want.

Type Items
Alchemy Energy Stone, Fuel
Machinery Glider Fittings, Chariot Fittings
Metal Ingots
Masonry Stones, Gunpowder
Tailoring Apparel Fabric
Fur-processing Leather

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