ArcheAge Game Guide - Newbie Tips

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ArcheAge Newbie Tips

If you are keeping an eye on ArcheAge at MMOsite, you might have read relevant info about Open Beta, such as Open Beta Overview, Commercial Launch Patch Notes.

Today I will add some other info which I haven't metioned in previous articles. Wish you have a great time in ArcheAge.

Chapter 1. Newbie Tutorial

Section 1. Newbie Selection

At the beginning, players can choose an ability from Combat, Magic, Wild, Devotion, Death and Vocation.

Section 2. Ability and Class

1. When upgrade to level 5 and level 10, players can choose the second and third ability from 10 abilities, along with Fortification, Conjury, Will and Artistry.
2. If you are not satisfied with your abilities, you can visit NPC Ability Manager and ask for changing your abilities.
3. Every ability has corresponding combat skills and passive skills, you can consume Skill Points to learn the skills. In order to cope with different circumstances, you also can pay some money to reset Skill Points.
4. Every combat skill has follow-up effect, if you know every skill and its follow-up effect very well, no matter in hunting or PvP, it will bring high combat efficiency.

Section 3. User Interface

A: Character's Status (HP, MP, BUFF, DEBUFF) (Video 02:13)
B: Target's Status (Video 02:18)
C: Character's Location and In-game Time (Video 02:23)
D: Party and Teammates' Info (Video 02:29)
E: Character's Labor Force Points (Video 02:40)
F: Shortcut Bar, you can drag skills and items to the bar (Video 02:45)
G: Chat Window (Video 02:55)
H: Character Info, such as Backpack, Quest List, Skill List, Map, Social etc. (Video 03:08)
I: Quest Track Bar. You can track the quest info after accepting a quest (Video 03:17)

Players can accept quests from the NPCs who have exclamation mark overhead. Quests are divided into different types according to the color of quest mark.
Green Icon: Race Quest (Video 03:43)
Yellow Icon: Region Quest (Video 03:46)
Plantlet Icon: Life Quest. You will have all kinds of amazing experience by doing life quests. (Video 03:52)


Chapter 2. Labor Force

Section 1. Labor Force Points are necessary in gathering, cutting, mining, making etc. players will obtain exp while doing labor. The collected materials can be made all kinds of items in the game.
Section 2. Labor Force Points Usage. You can build own house and vegetable field in all residential areas, you can grow alll kinds of plants and raise poultry in vegetable field. You can improve proficiency of gathering, cutting, mining and making while doing labor. In order to go to sea, you need to build a ship, of course, working it with your friends will save some building time and Labor Force.


Chapter 3. Social

Section 1. Family & Expedition Team

1. You can press Shift + V to make a family, it allows 8 players to join, it doesn't have level requirement. Families share houses, vegetable fields and manufacture platform.
2. A Expedition Team needs at least 5 players above level 5. When you have enough members, you can ask NPC Expedition Team Manager to create a Expedition Team after paying some money. Expedition Team can go to trade, hunting, force wars, siege wars etc. together.

Section 2. Honor and Negative Honor

1. Players can do Honor Quests/Battlefield or kill special monsters to obtain Honor Points
2. You can buy Honor items from NPC Honor Points Collector.
3. If someone engage in criminal activity, it will leave crime evidence on the ground. For example, if someone steals, it will leave ' Footprints', and if someone kills others, it will leaves 'Bloodstain'. Victims can use the evidence to prosecute the criminals. (Video 02:59)

Section 3. Judgement

1. So criminals will get Negative Honor, with the increase of Negative Honor, Crime Points will increase too. If a criminal has more than 50 crime points, he will be punished when he dies. Criminal can admit his guilt or apply for a trial.
2. After applying a trial, it will call 5 jurors around the world(the chosen players are able to choose join or not join the trial.) When 5 jurors all are ready, the trial begins. The criminal can't leave the Hall of Judgement until it ends.
3. Jurors can decide whether a criminal is guilty or not according to crime information.
4. Jurors need to decide the punishment after hearing criminal's statement. (Decide the time that the criminal will stay in jail.)


Chapter 4. Other Interesting Features in ArcheAge

Section 1. Pets

1. In ArcheAge, pets are necessary for every adventurer. Pets are divided into Rideable Pet and Combat Pet.
2. Rideable Pet will let you move faster.
3. Combat Pet will help you in battles.
4. Every pet has unique combat and passive skills.
5. All pets have their own equipments to increase their capacity.

Section 2. Glider

1. Glider can be made by manufacture platform, or obtained by killing special monsters.
2. There are many kinds of gliders, different gliders have different skills. You can imagine how useful it is in sea battles and siege wars.

Section 3. Nui Temple

Once a character dies, it will be moved to Nui Temple and revive there, players will lose some exp when character die. But don't worry, you can ask NPC to recover the exp by consuming some Labor Force Points. (Video 01:55)

Section 4. Free Attack & Apply For Duel

1. In neutral regions, players can press Ctrl + F to activate Free Attack Mode. If you activate this mode, be careful to the players who are from the same force as you, if you kill them, you will get Crime Points and become a criminal.
2. The players from the same force can apply for duel (PvP). Everyone can apply for duel with others at anytime, anywhere. But if you want to duel in neutral regions, just think twice before you do, because everyone is possible to be your enemy.

Section 5. Change the Display of Name

Press Ctrl + V to change target's name display, it will help you recognize monsters and hostile players. (Video 02:55)

Section 6. Space Transport Book

There is Space Transport Book at most of villages and cities, as long as players come close to the book, it will record the location automatically.
Players can use the skill 'Weak Space Memory' to transport themself to the recorded location. Besides, they can buy Ghostdom Stone to summon Portal and transport them to the recorded village or city.


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