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ArcheAge World View


ArcheAge features a massive, dynamic world designed to be filled with your adventures!

All players begin their journey on either the Nuia or Harihara continents. From there they explore the world, cooperating or competing with each other. Remnants of the Lost Continent, where the ancestors of the world's races lived together in peace two thousand years ago, still dominate the landscape. If you explore deep into the hearts of these ancient relics, you may discover the secrets of legendary gods and heroes. Or you may reveal more details about the catastrophe that caused the Nuia and Harihara schism. It all depends on your choices.

The results of ArcheAge's storytelling process is determined by the choices you make. You can cooperate with your enemies, win fame by helping people in danger, or become a renowned craftsman by making fine items or producing exceptional crops. You can build a house and found a new town. You can be a sailor and sail around the world. You can be a lord of a castle and rule your territory.

Whatever kind of life you choose, there is a place for you in ArcheAge's world. The sea is not just a big pool you can swim in. On the open ocean, you can hear the explosions of cannons fired from a crumbling castle, the roars of a dragon flying overhead, or bawdy sailor songs echoing from a ship slicing through the waves. You can go anywhere and can do anything. You can choose your goal in life and fulfill it in any way you want.

Every decision you make could begin a new chapter in the history of ArcheAge.

Key Game Features

-Unique and Fanciful Modes of Transportation:the Floating Ships,the Carriages,the Horse,the Ship.

Floating Ships

With the Floating Ships,you can see the the largest city(Marianoplein)in a completely different way,looking down from the sky rather than lost in the buildings on horseback.


Horses,which you earn by completing an early quest,make travel and hunting much quicker and easier.you can use a variety of skills on horseback.If your horse dies, you can resurrect it for a fee at a stable.


Carriages: travel from zone to zone along a fixed route and are available for everyone.You don’t need to return to the loading screen to move to another zone.Just hop in a carriage!


you can construct Ships at sea. Enjoy crafting with your gaming friends and then have the freedom of sailing across the sea on your own free will.

-Under and Overachiever System:

In ArcheAge, you can complete a quest even if you haven’t fulfilled all of its requirements.There are times when you no longer wish to complete all the goals of a quest, but are reluctant to abandon the work you've already done. If you have completed more than half of the quest goals, you can compromise with the quest NPC to treat it as semi-completed.


-The Travel Journal Holds the History of Each Race,You can learn the history and culture of each race in ArcheAge by carrying out quests. The Travel Journal will be filled with the adventures and activities of your character.

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-Your Traveling Companions,Yata and the Merchant Narayana.

Narayanas are merchants who transport and sell goods along the Road of Dragons. They are patient, taciturn, smart, and have survived traveling the entire Road of Dragons, an accomplishment most have long thought impossible.
Yatas are a docile bipedal animals.
Narayanas uses them to transport with their goods.


-The Snow Lion: Your Pet, Brother, Mentor and Asset.

Snow lions, once wild beasts roaming the Ancient Continent, were domesticated by the Ferres.


-The Siege Warfare Training Camp:There are a great number of classes in ArcheAge, and various combo skills. You must be familiar with every skill to win in one-on-one combat. The Battlefield is where warriors are trained for siege warfare.


-Prison:Forced labor or prison break

If you commit a crime, such as murder, you are imprisoned for as long as the court deems appropriate. You can reduce your sentence by doing penal services such as digging or filling holes.


-The Court:If you commit a crime such as indiscriminate murder, theft, or assault and there is evidence to prove your guilt, you will receive a crime point.

-You can build your own house

a house that can be a home, an atelier or a shelter.


-Labor System:Whether you are online or offline, and regardless of your level, you will regularly gain something called labor power. This labor power can be used for production, construction, crafting and other entertainment activities.

-Sea Battle System:

Players need to transport materials from the new continent to the wild one so as to build their own castles there, and sea transport is regarded as the best choice.more details


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The World

The page will updated when more information becomes available.

The World

The size of ArcheAge’s world is expected to exceed the size of WoW's.

Currently there are three continents available, one of which can be conquered by players. On that wild continent groups of players can establish towns/castles and attack (siege) their enemy’s homesteads. The remaining two continents seem to be at war with each other, setting the stage for more destruction.

ArcheAge’s world is seamless (no loading screens) and you can travel between continents with the help of your very own boat!

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