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3nd Closed Beta Review

Answers to Your Post-CBT3 Questions

Q:Can we name our horses or boats?


Q:ArcheAge's crafting system is currently very simple. Will it become more interactive, like Star Wars Galaxies' or Vanguard's?

A:We are working on strengthening the connection between crafting skills and the method by which they are performed.

Q:Death penalties during CBT3 were light. Will there eventually be more severe penalties for dying, especially via PK/PvP?

A:Regarding death penalties, we are considering item durability decreases and extended resurrection times. We could also add corpse runs. (We are not considering strong penalties such as experience point loss or item drops.) We have to find a balance to make death meaningful but not force players away from the game.

Q:Has XLGAMES considered a "hardcore" server type (like Diablo 2) for players who want death to be much more unforgiving than it currently is?

A:It is not something we have thought about yet, but we will when the right time comes.

Q:Why would someone build a house on the northern continent if it's safer and probably cheaper (taxes, etc.) to do so on one of the southern continents?

A:[Answer not available from XLGAMES. Answer from ArcheAdmin: because the northern continent gives special advantages, and that's where castles can be created.]

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Q:Can labor points be increased beyond 100 somehow? Can they be regenerated faster somehow?

A:We are constantly working on balancing the labor system. We are considering ways to increase maximum labor points and also thinking of ways to decrease the labor point recharging time.

Q:Can characters who enter into an in-game "marriage" share houses/bank accounts, etc.?

A:We can’t say when, but we will let family members to share houses and functions in the house.

Q:What kind of rewards will be distributed through battlegrounds, or how will players use battleground points?

A:With the points earned from the battleground players will be able to buy various items (mounts, pets, armors, etc).

Q:The sea separating the two southern continents felt somewhat small during CBT3. Will it be widened, or is the current size final?

A:The size of the sea between the two southern continents will stay as it is for now. However, the sea seperating the southern continents from the northern continent will be larger and there will be many islands. The sea will still be a place worth adventuring.

Q:Will there be a ladder system for battlegrounds or PvP? Something like GuildWars or Lineage 2's Olympiad?

A:Currently we are not considering a ladder system, but accumulated activities in battlegrounds and PvP will be rewarded. In the long term, we think tournaments would be possible too.

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Q:Can ships be upgraded with better equipment?

A:More kinds of ships will be included, from small to large, with each having different performance characteristics. Players will be able to customize certain parts of their ships; however, we are not considering ship upgrades.

Q:Teleport books threaten to make carriage and airship travel useless, and the world feel smaller overall. How will teleportation be kept under control?

A:Teleport books need money to use, but carriage rides are free. (Some parts of the world will be not be reachable with teleport books.) Transportation methods, like airships, will provide simple content that will entertain players who are on it.

Q:How will court/jail summoning work? Are guilty players automatically summoned after evidence against them is submitted, or will guards or players have to catch the murderer?

A:The guilty player will not be summoned automatically. We will inform the guilty player to appear in court, and if they don’t they’ll be put on a 'Wanted' list and other players can hunt him down.

Q:How will crafted gear match up against dungeon/raid gear?

A:We hope player-crafted items become a key aspect of in-game economy or combat, but if equipment was solely led by crafted items, it could become somewhat of a restriction to the growth of solo-playing characters. Thus items for simple leveling are also obtainable through quests or from monsters. Crafted items will be improvable with enhancement stones, whereas such easily obtainable items wouldn’t. Of course, some nice items will be exclusively obtainable from monsters with a high level of difficulty.

*Source: ArcheAgesource.com

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