A Detailed Introduction To Different Types of Quest in ArcheAge

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This article will make a detailed introduction to quest system in ArcheAge. Since we know ArcheAge is a sandbox MMO, the quests in the game aren't monotonous, on the contrary, we have a lot of choice, and there are many types of quests.

Hunting Monsters

1. One type of Hunting Monster is only for killing them.
Just according to quest's tips: follow the guide arrow, find the monster and kill them. This type of quests is frequently to see, sometimes you are asked to kill ordinary monsters, sometimes are puny monsters and sometimes are bosses. You can know how strong a monster is by checking its HP bar. Be careful if a quest ask you to kill only one monster, because usually it's a boss or strong monster. And after level 20, bosses are more and more difficult to defeat alone, remember to take some friends in this case.

2. Kill monsters and obtain items.
If you don't understand Korean, this type of quests looks like gather quests, so you can follow the guide arrow and arrive destination to confirm whether there is monsters or quest items. If there are too many monsters at destination, you can
a. Use glider, it's applied to downhill and flat, but if...there are a lot of monsters at the downhill, just give up this way.
b. Summon out your mount, if you find there are too many monsters, press G and leave immediately.
c. Summon out pets to draw hatred, the character runs first, when it go a little further you can call back the pet, remember to set the pets as Defense Mode.

Of course, putting HP potion to shortcut bar is necessary without doubt.

Item Quest

1. Gather Quest Item
Usually you can find them near the guidance point. It'll ask you to gather dead body and specific plant, weed, get eggs etc.

2. Gather Life Item
It will ask you to gather the items which need to consume Labor Force points to get, compared to gather quest items, it's easier, such as cutting tree, picking fruit.

3. Plant Required Item
This quest is a little special, players need to plant or grow first, it might be rice, wheat, grape or chicken. It needs players to wait for maturity. It's newbie guidance quest, usually a map only has one.

4. Gather and Manufacture
It's easy to understand, players need to gather specific items first, then manufacture.

5. Use items to monsters, and use other items to obtain quest item.
Check the quest tracking's item icon, if there are two icons, usually it's this kind of quest. So it will ask you to get a item first, then use the item to monsters and kill them. Some quests don't need to kill monsters, you can just leave after using the item.
PS: the tabs in Inventory will help you to find out quest item easily.

Interacts With NPCs

It might ask you to use specific emotions or do actions, to talk with NPCs or use items to NPCs

Interacts With Scenes

Usually you only need to walk to the location where the quest ask you to go, sometimes you need to use items in the location.

Hidden Quest

It will not tell you there is what kind of quest, but for example, when you kill a certain number of monsters, it might trigger hidden quest, you'll get rewards directly in this case.

These are not the full list of quests in ArcheAge, because there is a very large world in the game, so do the quest system, but they are all the quests I have seen in game. Enjoy your doing-quest time ^^

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