ArcheAge(CN) First Test Detailed Schedule and Release Content

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The first test of ArcheAge in China will open on May 22nd. Have you got a chance to take part in the test? Although it's the first test, the released content is quite complete since Tencent has been preparing it for a long time. Let's have a look at what we can experience in this test.

All Classes, Talents and Races

CN version is synchronized with KR version, so 10 talents, 120 classes and 4 races all will be released.

All Content From Lv.1 to Lv.40

This test provides all content from level 1 to level 40, including all main and side quests, there are about 3415 quests waiting for you to complete. Besides the traditional quest mode, Archeage offers several new quest mode by the use of advantages of engine. So do the important and featured systems such as Sea Battle, Dungeons, Battlefield, Free Duel.

38 Wild Bosses

You can challenge 38 wild bosses during this test, dungeons are not the only choice of challenging difficulty. So from level 10 to level cap, you can try to kill them with your friends and it's one of the good ways to level up.

Trace of Portent

This system is highly acclaimed in KR servers. It will randomly appears the trace of portent in anywhere of continents, the undead monsters which hate the world drop from the sky and try to draw the world into a war again. As an independent system, players can ignore the enemies and leave them unchecked, or you can go there and kill them. According to different actions that players take, the Trace of Portent has several development phase, and it has different influence on the game world. The world becomes unpredictable, you never know what will happen.

Detailed Schedule of the First Test

Test Duration: May 22nd - May 31st
Server Available Time: Servers open at 12pm and close at 12am, it opens 12 hours everyday.
Available Factions: Eastern Continent(Hariharan & Ferre), Western Continent(Nuian & Elf), Pirate.
Level Cap: 40.
Talent and Class System: 10 talents, 120 classes, every talent has about 25 skills.
Life Skill: Logging, Mining, Alchemy, Construction, Cooking, Agriculture, Woodworking etc.
Quest System: 3415 quests including main and side quest.
PvP: Duel status is on for same faction players, free duel mode in Sea Battle, has 1 battlefield, Trial System and Jail System.
PvE: 2 dungeons and 38 wild bosses.
World Map: 11 maps in Eastern Continent and 11 maps in Western Continent, Fantasy Island, Pirate Island.
Others: Two factions share an auction. 5 members in a team at most, and 50 in a group.

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