Arche Age Classes

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Choosing a class in ArcheAge is a rather unique affair.You can choose from four premade classes (Warrior, Priest, Mage, Ranger) or......create your own custom class!



Here's how the system works:

There are ten schools available during custom class creation, but you can only choose three. Later you can switch schools, but you can never have more than three enabled at once.

You can eventually master a school; however, if you choose to switch one out for another (a very expensive operation) you'll have to start over as an apprentice.

Overall there are 120 possible combinations available, so ArcheAge has effectively 120 classes!

Each school has it's own unique skills and some schools work better together than others. Some skills can be combined to do extra damage, such as a levitation bubble and a telekinesis throw.



Here's a translated list of the schools that were available in the closed beta tests:

Combat (Melee combat skills.)
Witchcraft (Debuffs and crowd control.)
Invincibility (Tank skills for damage-soaking and surviving.)
Will (Magical damage, magic defence, opening portals.)
Necromancy (Necromancy.)
Wild Nature (Ranger and taming skills.)
Magic (Magic.)
Assassin (Burst damage skills.)
Romance (Buffs, singing and dancing.)
Love (Healing and resurrection.)



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