ArcheAge Character Customization: OBT vs. CBT5

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The Open Beta client has been modified a lot, the character setting is different from the CBT5 one. Check out the following images, the left one is Open Beta's character customization, and the right one is CBT5's. Obviously, Open Beta's character looks much better and more lifelike.

There are 4 races available during CBT phase, and currently Open Beta only released these 4 races as well: Nuian, Hariharan, Elf and Ferre. Other 4 additional races might be added soon(Fairy, Warborn, Returned and Dwarf).

The world of ArcheAge is divided into 3 continents: Eastern Continent, Western Continent and Northern Continent. Hariharan and Ferre are from Eastern Continent, while Nuian and Elf are from Western Continent.

Nuian - Female
Hariharan - Male
Elf - Male
Nuian - Male

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