ArcheAge Open Beta Overview

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After two years of testing and in-game system adjustment, the high freedome MMORPG finally entered Open Beta on Jan, 2nd, and it created the record of 100, 000 peak simultaneous online users on that day. 20 servers were released in Open Beta, more servers are being added according to the increasing users.

About in-game content, it released 19 areas' map and 4 new instances, the systems such as crops planting & gathering, house & ship building, specialty trading, vehicles & mounts, have all been released. The level cap is 40. It's said that it will release Original Continent, Siege Wars etc. interesting systems after official launch.

Character Creation

Players are only avaiable to choose a race from Nuian, Elf, Hariharan and Ferre so far. Hariharan and Ferre are from Eastern Continent, while Nuian and Elf are from Western Continent. They can duel with each other when they meet. Every race has different racial talent: Nuian are fast in building, Elf can hold their breath underwater longer, Ferre will not die when they fall from high places, Hariharan has fast gathering speed. And cause different races' birthplace are different, players might need to consider the regional factors when they choose a race.

After choosing a race, you can start to customize your character, the strong character customization system provides hundreds of adjustment options for players. As long as you spend some time, you even can work out a character that looks like yourself. While customizing character, you can temporarily save the appearances, then compare the different appearances and decide to choose the best one, so that you don't need to modify the looks again and again.

Next, you can choose character ability. At the beginning, players can choose an ability from Combat, Magic, Wild, Devotion, Death and Vocation. When upgrade to level 5 and level 10, players can choose second and third ability from 10 abilities, along with Fortification, Conjury, Will and Artistry.

Although there are 120 ways of combinations, only about 30 combinations could be best classes, such as Magic, Death and Will make Dark Wizard; Wild, Vocation and Combat make Spy; Death, Combat and Artistry make Martial Artist; Will, Artistry and Devotion make Priest.

When you have done with the ability selection, just input your nickname then start your adventure in ArcheAge.

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As a Beginner in ArcheAge

The following game experience is based on race Nuian. Nuian born in Village Balachi which is in the northeast of Western Continent. You can find the NPCs with exclamation mark to accept quests, quest rewards include in-game gold, exp and items etc. There isn't level requirement in ArcheAge while accepting quests, but some quests have pre-quests. So as long as you are strong enough, you can skip several maps and accept advanced quests. By the way, it doesn't have auto-routing function in the game, players have to find out the correct path by themself.

The quests are divided into Using Items, Collecting Items, Killing Monsters, Looking For NPC and Chat With Him, Carrying Items, Exploring Maps, Special Quests etc. Just keep some tips in mind, you can finish all quests easily.

In Gathering and Killing quests, there are three cases when one submit a quest: Unaccomplished, Accomplish, Overfulfil. When the gathering or killing number is more than 50% but less than 100% of the target number, you can still submit the quest, but the rewards will be less than Accomplish's. When the gathering or killing number is more than 150% of the target number, you can obtain extra exp and gold, so this is the best way to level up in ArcheAge.

Following with the quests, players will receive mount quest, they can claim mount cub from NPC (Nuian's mount is horse), then carry it to farm, after feeding, talking, the mount will grow up and players are able to ride it.

Mount's level will upgrade with players' level, remember to set follow mode when killing monsters, so that your character and mount will level up at the same time. Mounts will get special skills when they level up, such as Nuian's horse, it will get 3 skills: Sprint, Slash and Back Kick. Then like donkey, its special skill is increasing the speed when players carry heavy stuff. Different mounts have different skills, riding correct mount in correct situation will make your adventure become easier.

When you're level 10, you can obtain a glider from a simple quest. Equip the glider and double click Jump Button to use it. It's able to change flying direction, speed and height while gliding. Glider has special skills too, such as invisibility, throwing bombs, archery.

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The Life of ArcheAge: Open Up Own Territories

One of ArcheAge's highlights is Freely Change the World, it's all about house and ship building, manufacture system etc.

All of these systems based on Labor Force, every character born with 1000 Labor Force Points, this is the upper limit. Every 5 mins recover 5 Labor Force Points. Labor Force's upper limit will be increased with character level. Labor Force Points will be consumed when doing labor, such as mining, cutting trees, butchering, manufacturing, constructing and praying. Players will gain exp while doing labor. If you don't like killing monster or doing quests, you can be a full-time farmer or worker, your character is still able to reach level cap.

The natural resources in ArcheAge are limited, even like crops, it's better to grow then harvest by yourself. You can by seeds from NPC, or if you're lucky, you can dig out seeds in the wild. Because everyone can harvest crops, it means everyone can steal your crops, remember to choose a place where is secluded to plant. If you think it's still not safe, you can use a scarecrow which can be obtained by doing quest, after using it, others will not able to steal your crops.

All villages have manufacture platform, it can make cloth, wood, stone, equipments, weapons, foods, machines and so on. However, if you want to make big items like house or ship, you need to carry the material to specific place and make them on specific platform.

Specialty Trading is the one of the main goals in later period of ArcheAge. Every map has a specialty, after collecting the material and working out the specialty at manufacture platform, players can take it to other maps by walking, mount or other vehicles, then trade it with local merchants and get Gold or Trade Coin in return. If you take the specialty to faraway place, like hostile continent, free islands in the seas (dangerous maps), you will get more rewards. On the contrary, to safe maps means less rewards.

Now you might want to know what Trade Coin is, it's used for buying items in Fantasy Island. Fantasy Island is like a shopping mall, you can go there by Teleporter. It's different from item malls in most of games, all things are 'real' in Fantasy island, you can try the items, such as speedboat, chariot, then decide whether to buy or not, even if you don't have money, you can still go to this island and try the things you like.

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Battles: Fight For Honor

In this part, battles are divided into Instances(Dungeons), PvP, Sea Battles, Siege Wars, Battlefiled, Jail System etc.

Players recieve the first instance quest at level 18, it's a primary instance, it allows 3 players to team up. It's not like most of MMORPGs, it's not so easy to clear the instance, you have to try it several times and know monsters' habits well, then you can clear the instance successfully.

PvP, there are peace map and duel map. In duel map, players can duel with hostile races, when kill one you can get Honor Points, if you press Ctrl+F to change to Duel Mode, you can kill the players who are from the same race with you, but you will get Crime Points when you kill them. If you have higher Crime Points, you will be put into jail.

Sea Battles, players fight with each other by ships, besides other races' players, there are huge bosses in the sea, in this time you need to call several ships together and cooperate with other players then you can defeat the bosses. Of course you will get many rewards when kill the bosses.

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Now XLGames has confirmed that the game is P2P, but new registered players are able to play the game 10 days for free. Are you ready to take out your money? XD

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