ArcheAge - The First Expeditionary Force Heroes' Fanart

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If you have read the lore of ArcheAge or the game novel, you must know that there are 12 heroes in the First Expeditionary Force. They sought the secrets of creation two thousand years before present game time, when the races lived in harmony on the Continent of Origin. Yeah, they are on the following pictures:

ArcheAge The First Expedition

ArcheAge The First Expedition

You can check out more details of them at KR official site:

Have you ever thought of drawing them down in your painting style? A fan from China just shared her fanarts of two heroes: Kyprosa Daeior and Lucius Quinto. And she said she would keep working on other heroes. The fanarts look kinda cute, haha.

Kyprosa Daeior Lucius Quinto

Artist: 北溟鱿鱼
Source: ArcheAge 17173

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