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Orcs - Prey, Rage and Strength

Race Overview

Often viewed as simple-minded brutes, the ores are a power loving race that is known for their large stature and green skin. With no Great Mages of their own, after the
Cataclysm the ores were unable to protect their allods. Knowing they were weak and vulnerable, the ores were forced out of necessity to ally themselves with Xadagan
and receive assistance from their Great Mages. Though grateful for the protection, the ores continue to search for their own Great Mage, hoping that soon they will gain
greater independence and equality within the Empire.

Primarily nomadic and preferring wide and open spaces, ore settlements consist of temporary structures that can easily be abandoned. With each tribe following its own primitive laws, despite the suffocating rule of the Empire, the majority of ores are still savage and anarchic, resulting in little unity within the race. Like most savage and anarchic beings, ores tend to leave nothing but destruction in their paths.

Possessing incredible strength and power, as well as being quite intimidating due to their sheer size, ore Brutes comprise the backbone of the Imperial Army. Utilizing their natural hunting skills, ore Marauders are excellent at hunting down and destroying their enemies. Thought not a magically inclined race, ores who do leam to harness the power of nature make brilliant Shamans, providing inspiration to warriors and tending to the wounded. Recently discovering the Trinity Church, a number of ores have converted and learned to control Holy magic, becoming powerful Reavers-blessed warriors determined to defeat their foes and enlighten their own people.

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