Allods Classes - Arisen

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Arisen - Knowledge, Death and Ideal

Race Overview

Originally part of the Zem civilization, the oldest human kingdom of Samaut, the Arisen were once human: tall and slim, with dark skin and amber eyes. Now undead creatures whose rotting bodies are augmented with mechanical parts, the Arisen are a powerful ally to the Empire. Raised by the powerful necromancer Tep, the Arisen view him as both their creator and their curse. While the League immediately began eradicating the first Arisen who emerged from their tombs, the Empire recognized their remnants of humanity and the potential gain in acquiring them as an ally. Quickly agreeing to the Empire's proposed alliance, the Arisen now primarily live in Imperial cities.

Extremely intelligent, yet gloomy and unsociable, the Arisen spend the majority of their time dedicated to the study of science and technology, as well as searching for the existence of their mysterious creator. Always striving to increase their mental superiority, the Arisen are constantly looking for new disciplines to study, as well as perfecting the ones they've already mastered. Though their comrades often joke about these strange people, whose mummified flesh has been replaced by mechanical parts, both Xadaganian and ore will kill any who offend these new allies.

Because of their superior mental competency, the Arisen are the most powerful Occultists in the Empire, crushing their enemies with the sheer strength of their minds. Naturally adept at controlling the shadowy powers of life and death, the undead Arisen make for unparalleled Defilers, instilling new life into those once thought to be dead with ease. With their natural inclination towards the mastery of magic, as well as their inventive use of technology and science, the Arisen are also known to be first-rate Sorcerers. Always looking for new disciplines to study and perfect, the introduction of the Trinity Church led to many Arisen learning to master Holy magic, becoming fearful and talented Heretics.

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