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Xadaganians - Motherland, Chief and Victory

Race Overview

Once fragmented into southern tribes of nomads, the Xadaganians were united by the Great Mage Nezeb and led from the desert into a more fertile land. With the territory already occupied by the Kanians, a war spanning four millennia was sparked between the two nations, continuing to this very day. Eventually securing a new homeland, Xadagan is now a totalitarian state of military power united under the Great Mage Yasker. Viewing the democratic system of Kania as weakness, the Xadaganians believe that if a country lacks a single leader, its people lack unity.

Ready to sacrifice themselves for the supremacy of their state, every Xadaganian is brought up as a warrior, and remain so irrespective of their current occupation. Unlikethe Kanians, the people of Xadagan are dark skinned, dark haired, and more slender. Preferring urban life to meadows and forests, the cities of Xadagan represent the state's supremacy and industrial expertise, and are filled with majestic buildings and a cumbersome bureaucratic machine.

With their natural dexterity and deceitful nature, the Xadaganians make skilled Stalkers. Harnessing the power of the Light through the Trinity Church, Xadaganians are powerful Inquisitors and righteous Avengers. Determined to win by any means possible, the recent study and mastery of Shadow magic has led to accomplished Savants. Understanding the power that the mind can have, Xadaganians can be excellent Mentalists, controlling and twisting their enemies' minds to their own needs. As a result of their strict military training, Xadaganian Vanquishers are extremely adept at defeating their foes with brute force and their expertise with an array of weapons.

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