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Elves - Pleasure, Beauty and Ideal

Race Overview

The most ancient of all the races, the elven race was originally composed of many large communities united by ties of blood, collectively known as the Great Ball of Families. As a result of the Cataclysm, however, the numbers of the elves were drastically reduced and they could no longer refer to themselves as "Great". With only eight major elven bloodlines remaining, the elves renamed themselves to the Ball of Eight Families. While few in number, the elves are a powerful force and an ally the League is thankful to have.

A beautiful and vain race, the elves allied with the League out of mere convenience. With a deep dislike of the Empire, joining forces with the League was the most logical choice. Though always ready to support the League when needed, the elves prefer to focus their energy on the needs of their own race. Striving to enjoy the many pleasures of life and continually searching for perfect beauty, the elves are often viewed as extremely self-absorbed and narcissistic. Within the society there is a constant struggle between the eight elven families for power, a battle known as the Great Game.

With a deep reverence of Elemental and Holy magic, as well as their innate magical ability, elves excel in nearly every mystical field of study. It is for this reason that the elves alone produce earsome Archmages and powerful Priests. Though their activities are often considered controversial, elven Demonologists are steadily growing in numbers and are increasing their knowledge of Shadow magic. Looking to take advantage of their natural agility and dexterity, the elves have recently begun to excel in hand-to-hand combat. Combined with their deep knowledge of Holy magic, elves can make for commanding Templars.

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