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Renia Rain
Race DECA Nationality Unknown
Age 25 Rank Second lieutenant
Height 167cm Weight 44kg
Be under command of (present) Cowboy Be under command of (changed) Aerial Cry

Second lieutenant of the 2nd information HQ under DECA's regular army, which is operated with Bygeniou city as the center. She is the second daughter of the Bygeniou city's regular army commander, but this information remains confidential. Within the army, she is known as "Renia Howard", using her father's middle name. While she was at the university, she double majored space aeronautics and computer science and still finished 2 years earlier than others. After her schooling, Airforce recognizes her ability and scouted her, giving privileges that was never given in the history, which is to commission her to the rank of Second lieutenant. Recognized in information analysis part for her excellent ability and talent, almost all of information is getting help from 2nd information HQ, where she belongs. Originally, as she belongs to Bygeniou government, she is assigned to V.C.U, but she is not very fond of this situation. She is cheerful and broad-minded person who is full of mischief. Right now, she is in love with "Narrwiettue Marrer" one-sidedly.

Hamed Al Arii
Race DECA Nationality Unknown
Age 34 Rank Sergeant first class
Height 182cm Weight 79kg
Be under command of (present) Cowboy Be under command of (changed) Etranger Chevalier

Humorous guy, attracting grand popularity within mercenary soldier squad with cheerful and optimistic character. He volunteered to join the army when he was still very young with age of 18. Regular flight training was conducted at the age of 20, and 2 years later, he participated as I-Gear's test pilot. At the age of 24, he joins the war as a regular army, but with regular army's military law and seniors' interference, he discharged from the army. At present, he is actively participating as a pilot in "Cowboy". Although he is crazy about money, he is also a spendthrift who enjoys drinking with his comrades. Because of all the drinking, his financial standing is aggravated. His family consists of 3 sisters and himself, and he is second eldest in his family. Even though being a little stubborn and waywardly, he has character of being silly, so there is no ill will in him. He is not married, although he has proposed to another pilot in the same unit, he was refused flatly. Later, he becomes dissatisfied with Bygeniou regular force and joins A.N.I's "Etranger Chevalier".

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