AIKA Region

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Players of Aika will explore the vast variety of environments that Laika has to offer.

1 Regenshein
2 Verband
3 Amarkand
4 Celestine Caverns
5 The Lost Mines
6 Tabazra Desert
7 Mt. Hessian
8 Cirrugo

A bird's eye view of the first city of Regenshein


Military Capital City
Regenshein is the political, military, and economic epicenter of Lakia. The city has been the nation's capital for more than three centuries, and is the place where the Great Prophet Giovanni led the Human evacuation to Lakia so Aika could raise the continent into the sky, away from the murderous Zereca. Regenshein is also the home of the Pran Station, where Aitan may undergo the ceremony to bond with a Pran. The Lord Marshal rules Lakia from the Lakian Fortress, a stronghold that floats high above the city, nestled in the clouds.

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A grain mill in the Verband countryside


Tranquil Farmlands
During the first days of the Age of Sky, Verband -- which means “alliance" -- was a cooperative farm that belonged to all citizens of Regenshein. Later, as the rich farmland of Amarkand to the north became overrun by dark forces, the inhabitants abandoned the area, placing an additional burden on the hardworking farmers of Verband. In recent months, the frequency of monster attacks and the deteriorating condition of the land have strongly impacted farmers and crops, making high-quality harvests rarer and rarer.

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The wasteland of Amarkand


Demilitarized Mercantile Wasteland
Amarkand was once a bountiful farming area surrounding Sabrina Lake, but the recent invasion of Gressil and his evil forces has corrupted the land and forced its inhabitants to flee in terror. Gravitational disturbances dating from Lakia's ascension into the sky have resulted in a catastrophic dimensional rift. The Sophion mages created four magic halos around Amarkand to try to control the anomaly. The area is currently a hotbed of underground illicit activity, and has become the main staging grounds for the bandit clan Club Dread.

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The caverns behind a waterfall

Celestine Caverns

A sub-zone of Amarkand
The Celestine Caverns are a subterranean network of passages connecting the Ingrid Waterfall to the Marauder. Lying outside of the magical influence of the Halos, the caverns are the perfect place for monsters to reside. Dark energy flourishes and festers here, and the caves are also said to be the home to a powerful Zereca demon.

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A sneak peek at the mines

The Lost Mines

Abandoned Underground Labyrinth
The Lost Mines once had a proper name and purpose; formerly, as the Holgado Mines, they were the biggest caelium mines in Lakia. The mines were closed after repeated attacks by the Dark Legion, and although they are no longer used by humans, the mines are far from abandoned. The powerful demon Malik has settled in their depths, and he is not alone.

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A sneak peek at the desert

Tabazra Desert

Scorched Far-Reaching Sands
When the Age of Sky began, Asnu Tabazra, the leader of the Algon, was forced to retreat to Darkrane's Forest by the Prophet Giovanni's hand. As Tabazra relocated his base to the forest's dry, inhospitable surroundings, it became known as Tabazra Desert. It is also home to powerful monsters and wily bandits--predators who have only been strengthened by living in this formidable and grueling environment.

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Preview of the new mountain

Mt. Hessian

Polluted Crags
The largest mountain on Lakia during the Age of Land, Mt. Hessian collapsed on the day Lakia was lifted to the sky. The formerly preeminent precipice has engendered a uniquely shaped land, full of plateaus and plains. Mt. Hessian is located in the northwest of Lakia, near the growing city of Cirrugor.

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The second cloud nestled city


Gravity-Defiant Metropolis
Cirrugor is located on the northwestern border of Lakia and boasts many elegant, cloud-filled vistas. Surrounded by the Hessian Canyon on all sides, the city is ideally situated for defense. The village contained within its bounds has become a home base for caelium miners. Through swift economic development and an emphasis on high quality goods, Cirrugor is en route to gaining the title of second largest city in Lakia (after Regenshein).

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