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AIKA Online sets the background in the Continent Alkan, where lives the God AIKA, Devil ZELKA what is made by God by error and humans. The story tells the humans' struggle against ZELKA for living.

In AIKA Online, You could experience combats between countries and deal with alignment problems.

A special feature of AIKA Online is the Plan System. It seems a little like pet system that your character could grow up while you playing the game. At the beginning, your character will be a child and according to different ways of foster, it will hold different attributes and finally become a adult.

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AIKA Online has just released a big update for its content. This update is intended mainly strengthen War system. Newly added Race Ground Battle which will be based on Nation war and Siege. Race Ground Battle supports 48 players combating together. It solves a problem about poorly balance between two sides. The result of the battle will be decided in hand to hand combat. Check out the battle video below to feel its original impact forcefully! More about Nation Wars, Aika Little Women Introcution and Exclusive Review.


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