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About Dungeons in Aika

1. Dungeons in Aika are instanced areas where a party can work their way through a map killing monsters, be it for quests, experience, or items.
2. Dungeons are available in 4 difficulty settings; Normal, Hard, Elite, and Hell.
3. Each mode is exponentially harder than the previous and offers better quests and possible item drops as rewards.

Entering a Dungeon

To enter a dungeon, you must speak to the dungeon NPC for the dungeon you wish to enter. It is recommended you create a party first, as these dungeons are very difficult to complete alone. This can be done either by selectively inviting players into your party, or using the LFG function. Once you have a party, the leader must talk to the dungeon NPC, and all party members must confirm that they are ready to enter the dungeon.

Harder difficulty levels in dungeons allow you to group up with other parties to form a raid of up to 24 players to try and combat the challenges these modes bring; but unlike in the harder level settings, the lower level settings can only be done by a single party.

Available Dungeons

1. Zantorian Citadel
2. The Marauder
3. The Lost Mines

The fortress of demons

Zantorian Citadel-Forlorn Demon Stronghold
The Zantorian Citadel was originally a shrine dedicated to the Great Aika. After the Dark Legion commanded by Lord Ennvictus was defeated in the 46th Assault, the shrine was converted into a citadel for their imprisonment. Ennvictus and his minions are deep inside, slowly recovering.

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The dangerous treasure trove

The Marauder-Grim Galleon
The Marauder was a great military ship in its glory days, with the side role of collecting taxes for the Lakian Congress. When the Great Aika raised the continent from the ground below, the Marauder was buried in the ensuing earthquake. It has since regained fame as both a treasure hoard and the command post of Lord Gressil and his Dark Legion.

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The abandoned mine of Demons

The Lost Mines-Overrun Excavation
The Lost Mines used to be the most reliable source of caelium in Lakia, but was abandoned after constant attacks and invasions from Lord Malik's Dark Legion. The Lost Mines and the western extension have since been taken over and turned into an impenetrable demon stronghold.

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