AIKA Daughter System

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Daughter System

Player is able to nuture sprites, we name them "daughter". The nuture system is similar with pet system in other MMOs. As time goes on, her spirit and semblance will grow. It is noteworthy that, your words and deeds will affect the daughter's individuality as Love Developing Games. As a result, your own daughter should certainly be different approach from others. That's none other than our real life!

1. From these screenshots we could find that daughter grows from a kid to maturing one. Her inherent quality of character are multiple, and she will talk with player. The answers make the effect.

2. Not only give you the fun of Love Developing, daughters also could provide BUFF for players. They won't attack monsters or directly takes part in the battle. She owns Water, Wind, Earth and Fire elements. These all help them more powerful to treat monsters. For example, the daughter who charges Fire could help you defeating the fire monster more easily.

3. At present, one character could nurture two daughters.

4. There are a great variety of ornaments for players to dress up their daughter. The developer will keep udating of the special items for daughters.

5. Your daughter comes to you as a newly born fairy and grows along with you. Killing monsters and completing quests-as long as your daughter is out cheering you on-will allow your daughter to gain experience of her own and level up alongside you. Daughters don't stay in their infant fairy forms forever though, when your daughter hits certain level benchmarks, it grows into a curious child, a maturing teenager and finally an adult companion fit to travel with in your adventures in the world of Laika.

6. Personalities. Part of what makes daughters a unique feature of the game and unique to its users is that they grow to have different personalities depending on how its treated while raised. From fairy and child stages, daughters have a default "cute" personality and when they hit "teenaged" stage, pick one of six unique personalities.

Yeah, I think it's fun playing with you! I think that you might be one of my best friends, master! That makes me really happy! Let's get going.
Some dumb daughter was running her mouth, so I socked it shut. I'm only sorry that she wasn't sent straight back to the daughter Station.
I'm slightly bemused, master. I'm getting insulted because of my ears. It's slightly gratuitous, isn't it?
Yes, I really like being happy, too! Yay, this should be easy!
Hey, let's see if you're actually good for something. Hand over some cash. Um – please.
It's usually cold in the mornings, so I warm myself up with a cup of tea, too! But sometimes I feel like I don't need it - baby, I'm already steamin' hot!

7. Feeding Your daughter. While magical creatures, daughters can't survive off of HP potions like you do. You need to feed them and keep their hunger bar filled, else they may get a mean personality and may go back to the daughter waiting room - which means her losing devotion percentage. Don't worry, they'll show you their hunger. A hungry daughter stops regenerating MP and becomes unable to use skills, so keep it fed. daughter food can be purchased in town or obtained from quests, with a variety available for their needs.

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