AIKA Online Class Skill - Warrior

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Class Skill

Warrior Skills

Weapon Guard
Blocks any attack for once. Lasts one minute.
Return: Regenshein Teleport to Regenshein
Revitalize Recover HP by 1% every second for one minute.

Slash Deals damage to target with a strong upper slash.
Dash Charges towards target to deal damage and inflict stun.
Armor Break Deals damage to target and lowers its physical defense.
Incite Taunts target enemy unit generating threat level to attack the character.
Berserk Increases Physical Attack and Move Speed but lowers Defense Rate.
Blade Storm Swings the blade in circle and deals damage to enemy units around.

How of Glory Increases Max HP and MP and the recovery rate of all party members.
Stark Deals damage to target and knocks it down. Target is incapable to attack or defend.
Fortitude Increases Physical Attack and Hit Rate. (Passive)
Dragon Spirit Increases Max HP and recovers certain % of Max HP every 8 seconds out of battle. (Passive)
How of Valor Increases Strength, Agility and Intelligence of all party members.
Impact Ground Deals damage to targets within 5 m radius with ground explosion and drastically decrease Move Speed.

How of War Deals physical damage to enemies within radius and inflicts stun.
Awakening Increases Critical and Skill Damage. Activates only in Berserk status.
Thrust Deals physical damage over certain period through stabbing, leading the target to bleed.
How of Defense Increases Physical and Magic Defense and Resistance Rate to all near-by party members.
Death Wound Deals great Physical Damage through powerful blow and inflicts silence.
Halmont Deals damage to near-by enemies by jumping to designated area and thus generating a shockwave.

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