AIKA Online Class Skill - Sniper

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Class Skill

Sniper Skills

Return: Regenshein Teleport to Regenshein
Elimination Removes buffs of the enemy.

Countdown Fires a bullet that explodes after penetration and deals damage.
Additional damage is inflicted after 3 seconds.
Fatal Flaw Deals damage to target. Also decreases the Physical Defense by exposing target’s weak point.
High-angle Gun Deals damage to target through precise aiming.
Has additional Critical points.
Leg Shot Shoots the leg of target. Deals damage and decreases Move Speed.
Hiding Goes into cloaking mode and initializes the treat level. Move Speed is either increased or decreased depending on the skill level.
Najmun Increases Skill Attack. Increases Hit Rate for skills with casting time of more than 1 second.

Cruel Chaser Bleeds the target and deals damage for 6 seconds.
Decreased the effect of heal.
Precision Increases Hit Rate and Critical.
Concentration Decreases the chance of being interrupted during casting and increases Hit Rate.
Critical Power Increases damage when Critical is activated.
Detonation Deal damage to enemies within 4 m radius and interrupts casting for 3 seconds by firing a stray bullet to targeted area.
First Encounter Ambushes the target and inflicts stun while in Hiding mode.
Has additional Critical points.

Closing Target When the HP of target is down to certain level, immediate attacks and deals damage.
Sonic Blast Deals damage to enemies within 4 m radius and interrupts casting for 6 seconds with a fast-spinning bullet.
Vital Spot Attacks near-by enemy with the butt plate. Deals damage and inflicts shock. Auto-attack is not applicable.
Mark of Pursuer Decreases Defense Rate and Critical Resistance of target.
Also decreases the HP limit. Applicable to only one target at a time.
X-14 Demolition Installs a security robot in the selected area. The robot automatically attacks enemies within range.
Blow Back Deals great damage to target. Has additional Critical points.

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