AIKA Online Class Skill - Priest

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Class Skill

Priest Skills

Return: Regenshein Teleport to Regenshein
Magic Sensor Removes any cloaking spells within 6 m radius of designated point.
Purification Removes one curse from a friendly force.

Holy Bolt Deals magic damage to target by shooting an divine arrow.
Additional 50% damage is inflicted to undead and devil.
Cure Recovers HP of friendly force.
Magic Shield Absorbs Physical Damage and decreases 25% of area effect Physical
Damage by generation Mana shield around oneself or friendly force.
Bless Increases Physical Attack and Magic Attack of friendly force.
Hand of Cure Recovers HP of oneself or friendly force every 2 seconds .
Lasts 10 seconds.
Resurrection Revives party member. Some HP and MP of revived party member is also recovered.

Heist Increases Move Speed of friendly force for certain period.
Sun Ray Continuously deals magic damage for certain period and make the target sensitive to Divine Magic.
Holy Activation Increases heal ability and decreases MP consumption of all healing skills.
Mass Cure Recovers HP of all party members within 6 m radius.
Ugenes Lux Deals magic damage to all enemies within 4 m of designated point.
Additional 50% damage is inflicted to undead and devil.

Mana Release Recovers MP continuously for all party members within certain radius.
Prevention Cure Automatically recovers HP of oneself or friendly force if the HP goes below 50% or after one minute, whichever comes first.
Shield of Nikita Makes immune to all attacks for certain period but casting is not allowed.
Feedback Magic Removes buff of target and deals damage for each buff.
Holy Striking Blesses weapons of friendly force inflicting additional damage for undead and devil for certain period.
Recovery Recovers HP of friendly force greatly and removes all curses or negative buffs.

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