AIKA Online Class Skill - Dual Gunner

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Class Skill

Dual Gunner Skills

Return: Regenshein Teleport to Regenshein
Dodge Evades all attacks once. Lasts one minute.

Mjolnir Deals damage to target with bomb containing unstable Facion.
Inflicts additional damage after certain period
Venom Spine Restrains enemy movement and deals damage by generating poisonous roots.
Prompt Action Increases Move Speed and Defense Rate for a short period of time.
Restraint Increases Attack by injecting powers into Dual Nube.
Durability of the weapon decreases fast.
Hiding Initialized threat level by cloaking.
Move Speed increases or decreases depending on the skill level.
Wild Fire Deals damage to target by shooting randomly 8 times in 2 seconds.

Slow Poison Decreases Move Speed for a certain period of time and deals damage for duration of 2 seconds.
Requiem Curses the target and deals damage for 10 seconds.
Sharp Gaze Increases Critical points and damage.
Graceful Motion Increases Defense Rate.
Black Rose Increases Critical points for a certain period.
Mana Poison Interrupts MP recovery and continuously reduces MP for a certain period by firing a bullet with anti-Mana component.

Bloody Smoke Deals damage to near-by enemies by random firing.
Instant Shock Knocks the target unconscious for certain period.
While unconscious,target can be attacked to inflict damage.
Auto-attack is not applicable.
Flash Explosion Deals damage to target and surrounding enemies near the target and inflicts blind.
Anti-Heal Poison Target receives damage when healing for certain period.
Rapid Fire Resets and decreases cool time of all skills.
Heart Ripper Deals damage for certain period and, if the target receives Critical, inflicts stun.

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