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AIKA Online-Rifleman Class

Precise. Stealthy. Fatal. The Rifleman's well-aimed bullets barrel out of the shadows, piercing armor and dealing massive critical damage. Many of his attacks also incapacitate enemies or lower their defenses, leaving them even more vulnerable to assault. At higher levels, the Rifleman gains the ability to shoot area effect shells as well as build fixed turrets which fire autonomously, increasing his deadliness. His range, dexterity, and talent for picking off weak foes without attracting attention make him a singular asset to any party. Armed with increasingly powerful two-handed rifles and protected by sturdy leather suits, the Rifleman is truly a class to be contended with-whether or not you know he's there.

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Rifleman Aika classes-Rifleman
Lv. 1 Rank F
Aika classes-Rifleman
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Lv. 24 Rank E
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Lv. 40 Rank D
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Lv. 48 Rank D

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