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Gala Networks Europe (gPotato EU) grabbed the right to operate martial art MMORPG Age of Wulin in Europe. Developed by Snail Game, the first 3D online game developer in China, Age of Wulin tries to give you a eastern style action MMO in which the skills and actions are based on real kung-fu of different schools. The game will be free to play and set to released in early 2011 and its teaser site has been live.

Key Game Features

  • The whole world covers an area of 20,000 sq. meters, similar to WoW's size
  • Most of the sceneries in the game are based on the real scenes
  • Watching the duel between two kung fu masters can earn you EXP
  • There won't be shining effects for the skills but real kung fu
  • You can block and dodge in the combat
  • No traditional MMORPG concepts like tank and healing classes in the party
  • There will be solo dungeons as well as party dungeons

Key System Features

  • 8 player factions, including Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Beggar, Tang Clan, Junzi Hall, Royal Guard and Paradise Valley.
  • 5 player abilities: Kungfu, Medicines & Poisons, Weapons, Body Channels, and Community
  • 3 player levels
  • Robust Equipment system
  • 5 Battle systems
  • Mounts and Pets with Level-ups

No Classes

Jumping out of the traditional “warrior, mage and priest” class system and creatively bringing forth a classless concept, the game reconstructs a complex and variable martial-arts society and breaks through the traditional way that reflects characters' strength through levels.

Intellectual DIY Online Society

Players are not only martial-arts learners, but also a part of the game society with different social statuses. Such a social system makes the game world extremely vast and colorful. Even though players don't know martial arts, they can live happily until death and lead a unique knight-errant life in the game. Their characters can keep growing up no matter they are online or offline.

Random Events

Various martial-arts skills that can change one's life are no longer confined to one faction or one weapon, but not all players are qualified to learn them. Players need a certain amount of good luck to trigger random events through the interaction with NPCs and the choice of branch storylines. The offline function also ensures more stories and diversified random events.

True Martial-arts Community

- No classes: All in-game skills can be learnt.

- Game Balance: Based on skills instead of classes.

- Win or Loss: Depends on skill proficiency rather than numerical values and skills. Therefore, the game has some characteristics of controllable fighting games.

- Players live in a community, not simply log into and out of the game. With the realization of the network structure, random events can be triggered, and enough NPC AI skills and rich life content are needed.

- Players enjoy enough freedom in terms of growth, combat and reputation. The immersive storyline leads to multiple development directions. Combats should be carried out in a 3D environment by use of more skills like dodge. Besides, players should be free to create their factions and hold martial-arts championships. Multi-events work in concert with multiple community statuses.


About the marriage system, in Age of Wulin, you can even marry with NPCs, but not all of them. About how many NPCs will be available, the developer hasn't decided yet. But there is an interesting, and perhaps controversial topic about the marriage, that is should those who choose Shaolin(the faction of monk) be able to get marry? The developer hasn't given an answer yet...

There will be mini games in Age of Wulin that allow you to interact with NPCs, for example, playing chess.

The game will have housing system. For individuals, they can have their own houses and for guilds, they are able to build guild houses after occupying a sacred mountain (there will be 8 mountains in the game that can be captured).


Each martial-arts skill has its unique actions and will produce special effects so as to enhance the striking feeling and approach the level of action games. Providing traditional controls, the game is easy to pick up and allows players to experience vivid and gorgeous martial-arts effects.

For PvP, first there won't be physical levels but the skills and players' kung fu will have different levels. And then you can expect to have free PvP but will get punish if you kill too many "low level" players. Except for 1 vs. 1 PvP, there will be faction vs. faction, guild vs. guild, and kung fu tournament. Your skill level and the kung fu you learn decide your fate in PvP but good control and luck are also important since block and dodge are available in the game.

It's possible to take your opponent down by one shot (something like critical attack). There are over one thousand different kinds of kung fu in the game, and theoretically, you are able to learn all of them.

True 3D

Based on the true 3D technology, things can be destroyed in the game, such as towers, pavilions, trees, stones, etc.

Life skills

11 life skills or subclasses have been announced: Miner, Woodsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Farmer, Blacksmith, Goldsmith, Tailor, Apothecary, Poison Expert, and Chef.

Blacksmith will be one of the most welcome professions in the game. Since many of the top class weapons can be made by blacksmith. But don't expect easy money from making weapons because you have to buy materials from the others and you have to know the economy well.

As an apothecary, you are an expert of herb and fungus. You travel across the world to collect herb and have the opportunity to get rare species when crafting.

A hunter will require more hard works. You need not only courage, but also combat skills for you have to fight some dangerous beasts. You can produce leather and meat as a hunter.

Being a farmer, you will be really busy. You have to keep an eye on your farm, or there will be someone comes to "visit" your farm.

Woodsman and fisherman will provide you useful materials, too, and of course you have the opportunity to get rare items, just like the other professions.


Sub-profession is just one of the parts that consist of the spare time in the game. In Age of Wulin, there is a very special system that will grant you "free lunch". Under this system, everyone has an opportunity to get an ultimate kung fu scroll that changes you from nobody to kung fu master. Of course the "free launch" requires luck, but more important, it requires a good perception. If you are careful enough you will find the clue. For example, an ordinary NPC, even a beggar on the street could be a retired kung fu master and all you need to do is talk to him and he may tell you a place, perhaps a cave, where he hides the scroll. This is the developer's purpose, they want to make miracle happens.


Except for horses and boats there is a very special way to travel, the floating kung fu - a kind of famouse kungfu that allow you to glide on the water and dash on the roof top quickly.

As to the mount, the developer tries to introduce all of the mounts that appear in the classic kungfu novels. Mounts won't be available in battle.

About the auto navigation, the game will apply a half-auto navigation system that won't disappoint casual gamers.

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