Age of Empires Online - Weapons & Armor

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Weapons & Armor

Weapon & Armor

For your armies to reign supreme on the battlefield, you have to equip them with upgraded weapons and armor. Embark on quests to earn new weapons and armor, then apply them to your soldiers and villagers.


Gut Ripper
When warriors wield this sword, they will not only do extra damage to all who feel its touch but also snare units, making them slower and easier prey.

Black Enameled Heavy Spear
This spear, black as the darkest night, gives a Spearman a huge increase in effectiveness. Providing a massive bonus increase and the ability to make critical strikes, the spear also increases the amount an enemy is snared when hit.

The Kraken's Fist
Named after the monstrous Kraken, this epic ram head gives battering rams a huge boost to damage and increases speed of movement. This ram is available only to the most advanced players.

Hero's Bow of Apollo
This bow is said to have been wielded by the god of the sun himself, Apollo. It confers bonus damage to all who use it and adds the chance to make a critical strike.


Ajax's Heavy War Pelta
Tales say that Ajax himself wielded this mighty shield during the Trojan War. Giving bonus health, bonus damage, and increased armor against Archers, this shield gives any warrior a significant advantage in battle.

Hephaestus-Forged Greaves
Said to have been forged by the mighty god of blacksmithing himself, these greaves bestow great power upon their wearer. These heavy greaves give a massive bonus to health but come at the cost of speed of movement. Players will have to make a tough choice if they're lucky enough to get this rare piece of equipment.

Runic Prayer Beads
Priests who wear these beads prove much cheaper to train, although it takes quite a bit longer to train them. Some players might value the tradeoff between cost and training time.

Breastplate of Ares
This epic breastplate provides a health increase and strong armor. It also reduces the amount of bonus damage that units take from their counterunits, making this a valuable piece of equipment.

Weapon & Armor

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